Dunkin' Just Announced Great News For Dairy-Free Customers

Alternative milk fans, rejoice. Dunkin' has just become the first chain to launch oatmilk nationwide. In early 2020, both Dunkin' and Starbucks began testing oatmilk at select locations, but Dunkin' has won the race. Starting August 20th, Dunkin' Donuts customers can now order oatmilk instead of other kinds of creamer such as almond milk, milk, or cream (via Food Beast). You should also know you can now add oatmilk to more than just plain coffee too. The alternative can be used in any of Dunkin' hot, iced, or frozen coffee drinks, espresso drinks, and even specialty drinks like chai and matcha lattes.

While the alternative milk is of course another option for dairy-free or vegan customers, oatmilk has significantly grown in popularity over recent years for even those who are not exclusively dairy-free. The texture and lightly sweet flavor of oatmilk make it a pleasing alternative that will undoubtedly be popular at the beloved donut chain. 

In fact, the launch of oatmilk was announced on Instagram by Tabitha Brown, a loud and proud vegan and oatmilk lover, according to a statement received by Mashed. However, the actress not only announced the news, but was also among the first to try Dunkin's new oatmilk drink.

What you need to know about Dunkin's oatmilk

Of course, the chain couldn't just offer another "milk" option. Oat milk as another milk option was just the beginning for Dunkin'. The new drink is an iced oatmilk latte, which is the drink Brown was sipping on her Instagram.

Whether you are already a die-hard oatmilk drinker or not, you should know Dunkin' has partnered with Planet Oat. You've probably seen their oatmilk and other products at your local grocery store, so you likely already know the brand.

Hopefully, you love Planet Oat too, because getting delicious dairy-free coffee with oatmilk just got so much easier for everyone. "Americans are always looking for new beverage options that easily fit into their dietary needs and specific tastes. The launch of Planet Oat as the official oatmilk of Dunkin' represents an exciting moment for both of our companies and gives coffee lovers everywhere the flexibility to transform their favorite drinks into delicious, plant-based alternatives," said Sr. Vice President Chris Ross, Marketing and R&D, at HP Hood LLC.

So, take off for your local Dunkin' and try an iced oatmilk latte today.