Why Everyone Is Talking About Kit Kat's New Candy Bar

There's a reason that Kit Kat was the first chocolate to gain a devoted, global following (via Time). For one, the chocolate bar is delicious. For two, the company is continually coming up with new, and better flavors. If you're a true Kit Kat follower, of course, you may be considering moving to Japan, where the company has recently added a both Kit Kat beer to their repertoire and a make-your-own Kit Kat chocolate shop, and where hungry Kit Kat customers can choose between over 40 Kit Kat flavor combos at any given time (via My Recipes, Japan Today, and The New York Times). 

Can't or won't make the move? Then mark your calendars. Kit Kat's coming out with another flavor to add to its U.S.-based DUO' line in November 2020, and everyone is talking about it. Full disclosure: some people in the Instagramverse are clamoring for "peach." But most, like us, are delighted that mocha will be the focus of Kit Kat's newest flavor innovation.  

What's special about Kit Kat's Mocha + Chocolate bar?

Here's the bottom line. If you can't get enough of Kit Kat DUOS Mint and Dark Chocolate flavor, chances are good you'll be stocking up on these. The newest additions to DUOS arsenal will sell at $1.11 per 1.5 oz standard-sized bar and $1.66 per 3 oz. king-sized bar. "With real coffee bits wrapped in a mocha flavored creme surrounding the undeniable Kit Kat wafer, what's not to love," said Amy Minderman, senior manager Kit Kat brand, in the August 19 press release that announced the new flavor pairing.

While we're licking our fingers over the announcement, we can't say we're surprised by it. As Food Business News points out, Kit Kat's newest flavor combo seems to come right out of a junk food playbook that's recently been pushing "Coffeehouse" flavors in cereals and sweets.

As for what, exactly, the bar will taste like — you'll have to wait until November to find out, definitively. Until then, we'd like to imagine that it will live up to what Delish food writer, Alex Morillo, imagined: "just like a Starbucks mocha Frapp in a candy bar." Are your mouths watering? Ours are.