Why You Should Think Twice About Eating White Rice

White rice is a great companion to a lot of food — sushi, teriyaki chicken, or even just having it with soy sauce. It's also super easy to make, leaving us plenty of time to binge-watch our favorite shows. The options are truly endless for this versatile grain and apparently we've all taken notice. According to Insider, over half of the world's entire population counts on rice as a primary meal. In fact, in one year, 485 million metric tons of rice were manufactured globally. But is this grain actually good for us?

Unfortunately, the processing that white rice goes through is a problem because it gets rid of the grain's healthy components. According to Eat This, Not That!, while white rice might last longer and taste better than brown rice, it's been stripped of its nutrients like bran and germ. When you're not getting germ you're removing healthy benefits like calcium, vitamin B1, protein, and magnesium (via Insider).

White rice can also lead to health problems

If you're having white rice often that could also lead to health issues. Harvard Medical School reports that one serving of white rice is like eating pure table sugar, which also causes a spike in your blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, this means white rice also scores very high on the Glycemic Index, putting you at a heightened risk for type-2 diabetes. 

However, even though brown rice is better for you than white rice, there's still hope for white rice fans. Researcher at Colorado State University, Elizabeth Ryan, who studies the nutrients in rice bran, told Insider that white rice isn't inherently bad for you. "At the end of the day, eating whole grains is always going to be important," Ryan said. But she says if you want to be healthier and have the option to substitute white rice for brown, you definitely should — however, brown rice has arsenic in it, which doesn't make it the best choice either (via Eat This, Not That!). If you choose to eat rice, no matter the type, just remember that moderation is key.