Martha Stewart's Watermelon Punch Bowl Hack Changes Everything

When preparing for a picnic or backyard BBQ, making a big bowl of punch is a great way to keep everyone hydrated for cheap. Plus, you cut down on plastic bottles used, so you're even doing your part for the environment. It's a win-win situation! The only real downside to making punch is what to serve it in. While the obvious answer here is a punch bowl, they can be cumbersome and take up valuable storage space in your kitchen or home that could be devoted to things you use more than a few times each year. Luckily for all of us (especially those of us with smaller houses!), lifestyle guru and entrepreneur Martha Stewart has a solution for summer punch that cuts down on waste and doesn't require you to own a punch bowl.

In a video on Martha Stewart, the outlet describes how to hollow out the inside of a watermelon to create a quick and easy DIY punch bowl that can be thrown out or composted after you are done with it.

Serve this punch in small glasses with ice if you want to have enough to go around

Martha Stewart states that there are only a few simple steps to create your own punch bowl from a whole watermelon. First, slice off the top third of your perfectly ripe melon and a small portion of rind from the bottom — just enough so it will stand flat and not tip over. Next, scoop out the watermelon flesh and puree it in batches using a food processor. (We also think you could use a blender here if you need to.) Strain your puree through a fine mesh sieve and discard any solids left over. Then, you'll need to cover the melon bowl with plastic wrap and chill everything for an hour. When you're ready to serve, place the melon bowl in your desired location, pour in the watermelon juice, and top with three cups of seltzer.

In a photo of the watermelon punch bowl posted to Instagram, Martha Stewart described the drink as a kid-friendly recipe perfect for summer. The only advice fans left in comments on the photo is that the recipe really only makes about four large glasses worth of punch. In the images, Martha Stewart serves the simple drink in small cups filled with ice, so we would suggest doing the same if you are trying to serve it to more than a few people. Other than that, this punch bowl hack seems like the perfect way to celebrate summer!