Aldi's New Breakfast Skillet For Two Is A Total Steal

Waking up is always a lot easier when there's the promise of a hot, delicious breakfast waiting for you. Luckily, making a hearty meal to start the day just got even easier since your favorite budget grocery store just released a new breakfast item that serves two and is incredibly cheap. Besides, it's almost impossible to hate a breakfast skillet. All you have to do is add eggs and go.

Recently, Instagram user Aldi Favorite Finds posted an image from the grocery store's freezer section. The photo showed a new item, a red bag marked Breakfast Best Sausage Breakfast Skillet. The bag states that it serves two people and only needs to have six eggs cracked and added in to complete the breakfast. 

The 18-ounce breakfast skillet bag comes with potatoes, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onions, and pork sausage crumble, according to the bag (via Instacart). A one-cup serving is 300 calories, and a single serving includes 16 grams of protein, which means you'll stay full for longer.

Here's why you'll love the sausage breakfast skillet

While the sausage breakfast skillet has everything but the eggs, you'll love this breakfast item for more than the fact that it significantly reduces the amount of prep you have to do. Each package only costs $2.99. In 2018, a dozen grade A large eggs cost around $1.54, according to Statista. With that price in mind, it would only cost about 77 cents to use six eggs to cook with this breakfast skillet for two. That means the entire meal only costs $3.76 in total, making this an absolute steal.

You should definitely plan to pick up several packages of this breakfast skillet because it's the perfect thing to prepare when you need to feed more than just you — or if you just need an extra helping to heat up the next day for yourself. Not to mention, this is a terrific thing to keep in the freezer until you need it. Visit your local Aldi, and if they're not in the freezer section yet, keep your eyes peeled.