This Time-Saving Egg Salad Hack Changes Everything

Public Service Advisory: if you're not blitzing your egg salad in a food processor, you're missing out on a  soft, fluffy, and Anthony-Bourdain-approved egg salad experience. But that's neither here nor there. You're reading this article because you clearly have realized that in the endless amount of time it takes you to individually peel all the hardboiled eggs you need for your egg salad sandwich, you could watch the entire Lord of the Rings series, read the Harry Potter books back to front, or zone out while listening to Elvis Presley's entire discography. We've realized it, too. Granted, adding vinegar to your hard-boiled eggs eases the shelling process, but it doesn't save you from painstakingly shelling each egg individually. 

Now meet Laura, who's about to become your new best friend. Laura gained viral acclaim when she Facebooked a hack that allows you to prepare your egg salad eggs in just five minutes (via 7 News). But the best part about Larua's egg-preparation hack isn't the time you'll save. Use her trick, and you won't have to deshell a single egg for your egg salad sandwiches ever again. 

How to prepare egg salad eggs in five minutes

Here's what you'll need to work Laura's magic: a heat-proof bowl, oil (butter presumably works as well), a saucepan into which you can place your heatproof bowl, some water, and a stove. Ready?  

First, fill your saucepan with a cup of water and bring it to a simmer. Now, grease your heatproof bowl with the fat of your choosing. Once your bowl is properly greased, go ahead and crack all of your eggs into it. Don't whisk them, but don't worry too much about them holding their shape, either. They're going to be egg-salad after all. Finally, let your eggs cook for about five minutes. When they're done, your eggs will have turned into a kind of "bowl-shaped egg loaf" that Laura described  as "initially horrifying." (We think it looks kind of cool, don't you?) Take the bowl-shaped egg loaf out of your pan, and chop into pieces as you see fit. Voila! You're egg salad-ready. 

We know, you're wondering where Laura has been your whole life. We asked ourselves the same question.