Why You Aren't Getting What You Expect When You Order Burger King Onion Rings

We all know what goes into making an onion ring, even if we haven't ever made them ourselves. Just bread and fry a slice of onion, right? Well, if you're getting your onion rings from fast food chain Burger King, you might be in for a surprise when you bite in. Instead of getting a solid piece of onion, you will be met with a mushy, onion flavored paste. This actually makes sense if you look at the ingredients list (via Fooducate), which states that the only actual onion in Burger King onion rings is dehydrated onion and a little onion powder, presumably for taste.

The Village Voice says that the fact that Burger King onion rings are basically onion-less is totally obvious once you bite into one. The outlet states that the low cost is pretty much the only reason to buy the Burger King onion rings, as they are fairly small compared to most other restaurant's onion rings and have very little flavor. The Village Voice hypothesizes that this lack of flavor could be because the onion was frozen or that the chain just chose tasteless onions for their rings, but says that would be a bit strange considering the notable onion flavor that comes from the raw onions included on the Burger King Whopper. Why would the burger company bother ordering two different types of onions when they could just use the same kind for both menu items?

The Burger King onion rings don't really taste like onion — or anything

Grubgrade states that, unfortunately, the predominant flavor of the Burger King onion rings is the breading. They say that the flavor of the filling, while tasting slightly like onions, is unnatural and odd, which could lead many customers to wonder if the rings contain any real onion at all. The outlet asserts that the only good way to eat the Burger King onion rings is to add them to a burger (they specifically enjoy them on the Rodeo Cheeseburger, but we think onion rings are always a good addition if you want to upgrade your standard burger to something a bit more over-the-top).

Mandatory agrees with the other reviews, placing Burger King's onion rings last in their ranking of fast food onion rings (number one was Arby's, if you want to see what fast food onion rings — done the right way — taste like). They say that the onion paste is so bland it is indistinguishable from other generic fried foods and not really recognizable as onion-flavored.