Aldi's New Pumpkin Pastry Has Everyone Talking

Right about now is the time people begin to haul out their chunky knit sweaters and trade in flip flops for boots, channeling all those Hallmark Movie-esque autumn vibes. Summer is almost over and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are starting to reappear. With wardrobe and fall beverages covered, all we need now are snacks. Fortunately, Instagrammers have done their research and Aldi is all aboard the pumpkin train. In a post that's already racked up over 3,000 likes in the first few hours, user @aldifavoritefinds presented the internet with a photo of just what our cozy autumn days need: jumbo pumpkin rolls with pumpkin icing.

These tasty-looking breakfast treats (or anytime treats, honestly) come from the brand Bake House Creations and they're sold in a twist-and-pop tube just like traditional cinnamon rolls. That means basically all you have to do is turn on the oven and summon 18 to 20 minutes of patience while you wait for these pumpkin-y delights to bake. We assume you'll also have to spread the pumpkin icing on top which requires a little additional effort, but all your hard work will be rewarded with pumpkin pastry so, #worthit.

Pumpkin rolls may not be available at every Aldi yet

When these jumbo pumpkin rolls hit people's Instagram feeds, commenters rushed to express their approval. Pumpkin fans were tagging each other left and right and one user summed things up perfectly by simply saying, "NEED." User @aldiguru jumped on board as well, posting the pumpkin rolls and the caption, "This truly seems like the most genius baked good and idk why we haven't had it my whole life. Of course I want pumpkin spice in my cinnamon roll!" The photo included a price tag of just under $3.00 for one tube. The rolls are not on Aldi's website yet but if this poster's information is correct, all Aldi locations should be stocking the pumpkin pastries within a week.

Until then, Aldi is offering some other pumpkin-themed goodies like pumpkin cake rolls, pumpkin spice bagels, and cranberry-studded "harvest" bagels, per Delish. We're all in for pastry, though. If they taste as good as they sound, Aldi's jumbo pumpkin rolls with pumpkin icing might just replace the PSL as the official poster child of the fall season.