Here's What People Are Saying About Aldi's Vegan Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese is quintessential comfort food, and vegans have been missing out thanks to the cheese and other dairy products that are in this beloved food. While there are other brands that make vegan mac and cheese, like Annie's, it's pretty expensive. That's why vegans everywhere are rejoicing that Aldi, everyone's favorite budget grocery store, has released its own version that's made with almond milk and vegan butter — and it's just $1.49 per box (via Reddit).

Boxes of the Earth Grown brand dairy-free mac and cheese haven't been released in stores nationwide yet, but some lucky locations have already stocked it over the past two weeks, and customers in those areas have gotten to try it. One Redditor said it was "pretty good" and that it is similar to Kraft's boxed macaroni and cheese, but suggested using less almond milk and vegan butter to keep it from getting runny.

On Instagram, one commenter said the Earth Grown vegan mac and cheese was delicious. In fact, when they went back to their store to buy more, it was all sold out. Another Instagrammer confirmed that it is the closest vegan option to tasting like Kraft. Aldi Reviewer concluded, "...while its flavor is more on the mild side and not the cheesiest," it's definitely not a bad vegan lunch option.

What you should know about Aldi's vegan mac and cheese

While having a vegan mac and cheese option that's really affordable thanks to Aldi's store brand option, there are a few things to be aware of with regard to the nutrition and ingredients, as always. The first is that this is not a gluten-free option. So, if you are vegan and have other dietary restrictions as well, you'll definitely want to read the box. From comments on Instagram, it appears that the dairy-free mac and cheese is free of soy, but again, check the ingredient list to be sure.

In a photo that was taken by a Redditor and posted to Imgur, we know that 1 cup of the pasta dish prepared following the box's instructions rings in around 280 calories. It also has 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 42 grams of carbs, and 420 milligrams of sodium. Lastly, there are 2 grams of sugar and 6 grams of protein per serving. Considering its vegan mac and cheese, the nutrition doesn't appear to be atrocious at first glance.

Stop by your local Aldi and keep an eagle-eye out for this new product. It's clearly a winning item that's bound to be bought up quickly.