You Should Never Drink Coffee From Burger King. Here's Why

Stopping into Burger King for a quick cup of coffee might sound like a good idea if you're looking for a convenient pick-me-up that won't break the bank. After all, according to Fast Food Menu Prices it's only $1 for 12 ounces, and McDonald's coffee can be pretty good. How different can they be, really? Turns out, very different. 

Mashed writer Kori Ellis calls it, "weak, bland coffee with a decidedly burnt aftertaste," and she's far from the only one to hate this coffee. Many reviewers rank BK Café as one of the worst fast food coffee options available. A Newsday reviewer said, "My cup evinced no flavor except for a faint bitter note." The Takeout said, "There's not much depth, save a back-of-the-tongue sharpness that lingers. I'm sensing a faint burnt toast taste." HuffPost said, "It's got a hard texture that makes me think of gas station hot plates and/or mineral oil." Thrillist said, "There is an intense amount of smoke and tobacco flavors in every sip, and it needs creamer in the worst way to cover it up." 

No amount of price-slashing will make this coffee worth it

In March of last year, Burger King launched a program that at almost any other fast food restaurant would be a dream come true: You could subscribe to get a cup of coffee every day for just $5 a month. That's under 17 cents per day, but an expert told Forbes that even this deal likely wouldn't be enough to convert Starbucks and McDonald's customers to Burger King. "Burger King is trying to pull off a McDonald's, whose breakfast offering was a big success in the U.S," said Clement Thibault, a financial analyst. "I think Burger King is currently behind the curve."

If ultimately the price does sway it for you, and you're willing to stomach the sharpness, the bitterness, the mineral oil flavor, and the tobacco taste for that 17 cent cup, just know one more thing: Burger King coffee has, on at least one occasion, been known to contain a truly disgusting amount of human hair