Martha Stewart's Unusual Kale Hack Changes Everything

Lifestyle guru and kitchen queen Martha Stewart built her empire on dishing out seriously good advice. More recently, Stewart has taken to the social media video platform TikTok to share some tips and tricks to help make our lives a little easier, one short clip at a time. Shared by the TikTok account @celebs, the brief video features Stewart de-ribbing a leaf of kale so fast it's like magic! In the video, you can see the television personality sitting at a kitchen counter. Stewart states "Here's a good thing" and then proceeds to explain how to strip the leaves off a piece of kale using only a slotted or perforated metal spoon. 

In the TikTok clip, you can see Martha Stewart take a leaf of kale and place the stem into one of the spoon's drain holes. After that, she pulls the stem through the hole, separating the edible kale leaf from the stem and center rib and seriously cutting down on the amount of time this kitchen task will take.

You're going to need a metal spoon with holes in it for this hack to work

The Kitchn tried Martha Stewart's TikTok kale de-ribbing hack and found it to be pretty successful as long as you use the right utensil. They first tested the kitchen prep tip using a slotted spoon and some kale and rainbow chard. Initially, they found the hack didn't quite work because the slotted spoon, noting that the holes might have been too large for the vegetable stems. But they got it to work fairly well by pushing the leaf towards the edge of the spoon and even better by tearing the leaf a little at the base to get the separation started. The hack worked much better with their chard.

The outlet also tried using a cheese slicer to separate the kale leaves from the stems and center ribs, which they state worked just as well as a slotted spoon, and a colander to multi-task the hack, which they say did not work at all. It appears that this time-saving kitchen prep tip really only works if you do the leaves one by one through a thin piece of metal.