Unpopular Opinion: Why Dunkin' Is Better Than Starbucks

Starbucks fans shouldn't take this too personally, but Dunkin' is ultimately the better choice for coffee or most kinds of drinks, really. Where Starbucks can be pretentious, Dunkin' is laid back and welcoming (via The Daily Meal). Plus, there are plenty of people who believe the coffee is actually better at Dunkin' (via Society 19). In fact, there's a faction of people who really feel like Starbucks coffee is too strong and tastes burnt and bitter as well. Dunkin' seems to hit it just right with a good roast for their delicious brew.

Another reason to love Dunkin' comes down to the sheer variety of their drink menu. Thanks to Starbucks' brilliant branding and marketing, you might think of the beloved chain first when it comes to specialty or seasonal drinks like Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Peppermint Mocha around the holidays. Dunkin' actually offers pretty much all of the same flavors you know and love, and then some too, like Girl Scout Cookie flavors. Better yet, you'll probably get more drink for the size (with uncomplicated names like small, medium, and large) at Dunkin' too, according to Society 19.

Cost is definitely a factor

There's one major factor that differentiates the two coffee chains, and that's pricing. Starbucks is incredibly expensive compared to Dunkin'. Some people even try to make the most expensive drink they can — one person actually ordered a $57 drink at Starbucks, according to The Daily Meal. At Dunkin', you can get the same specialty drinks for a lot less, which is key for anyone looking to cut back on their budget.

Meanwhile, in 2018, Dunkin' was growing its customer base, according to Forbes. Plus, let's face it: The outlet notes Dunkin' sells delicious donuts, while the breakfast foods at Starbucks are questionable, unless you enjoy eating previously frozen, reheated meat and eggs, and paying up for it.

Ultimately, for those of you looking to spend less than $5 on coffee, Dunkin' is a clear winner without compromise. It's simply money saved in your pocket by visiting Dunkin' instead — so you can get more tomorrow!