A Fruity New Mountain Dew Flavor Has Everyone Talking

It looks like national soda brand Mountain Dew will be debuting a new flavor in early 2021 that has soda fans everywhere excited. In promotional materials leaked on the Reddit message board r/MountainDew, the company seems to be gearing up to release an all new flavor named Major Melon. In the image, two soda bottles appear (one of the standard Mountain Dew and another of Mountain Dew Zero Sugar) alongside text that proclaims a "New Flavor Invasion Watermelon Dew" and a cartoon of a watermelon soldier.

Reddit user boogie429, who posted the original leaked image, stated that this bright pink drink would be a permanent Mountain Dew flavor and that they believe it will be launching in January 2021. Commenters on the post stated that they felt Mountain Dew Major Melon would be released nationwide, claiming the company appears to have a commercial lined up to premiere during the Super Bowl. This news came as a relief to fans of the soda brand, as many of the much hyped Mountain Dew flavors end up being exclusively sold in certain regions or are only available at specific shops and restaurants, making them unobtainable for much of the country.

Promotional materials for Mountain Dew Major Melon have now been leaked twice

A second post to Reddit confirmed some of the fan theories surrounding the rumored Mountain Dew Major Melon flavor, as user Kirdavrob shared a promotional image for the drink they say was pulled from a marketing survey they took part in. Reddit user thedurand was quick to point out that a marketing survey does not mean the flavor will definitely be produced, but it is a step in the right direction. 

Another commenter, user SlimFastJim, stated that they believe the full sugar product will be available in 12-packs of cans, 6-packs of the bottles, and 20 ounce bottles, while the Zero Sugar variety will only be sold in canned 12-packs and the 20 ounce bottle.

Mountain Dew fans are also talking about a new holiday flavor

According to the Mountain Dew website, the brand currently has six flavors included in the permanent selection (which Major Melon will allegedly be joining), in addition to the classic neon green Mountain Dew flavor. As of right now, Mountain Dew also has one limited time flavor available, Mountain Dew Voo-Dew. And don't forget the holiday gem that's reportedly being released: Mountain Dew Snap'd, a gingerbread-flavored drink.

While we definitely think of summer when we hear about new watermelon flavored products, it's actually encouraging that Mountain Dew Major Melon might be released during the winter — that means it's possibly not going to just be a seasonal product.