The Aldi Finds You Don't Want To Miss During German Week

Avid Aldi customers might already be aware of German week, but for those who aren't, the budget grocery store designates a week to celebrate its home country. Aldi is a German-based company, and two weeks out of the year in the United States the stores sell imported products. The first week takes place before Easter in March while the second week is usually in September before Oktoberfest (via Aisle of Shame). 

While there are plenty of products to try, some are must-haves that might sell out quickly if you don't grab them when you can. Over the years, there are some customers who have tried almost all of the products and given their thumbs-up on a select few (via Aldi Reviewer). Other products simply come up in Aldi discussion boards when German week rolls around making them popular too. No matter which you decide to buy, you'll be well-prepared to celebrate the upcoming holiday. But these products are the ones you absolutely have to try.

Deutsche Küche egg noodle spaetzles

The first product that most people agree on as a winner is the egg noodles, spaetzle. This dish is often served alongside schnitzel, which the grocery store also sells a pork version of. But when it comes to the spaetzle, there are three varieties you can choose from including cheese, onion, and mushroom. If you prefer to make your own sauce, however, you can also pick up a bag of dried spaetzle egg noodles for just $1.99 too (via Aldi). 

According to The Aldi Nerd, this item is basically noodle-shaped dumplings that come with a thick and rich cream sauce. The cheese version of the dish might be the best pick for most people. While the onion and mushroom versions are also good, they smell and taste strongly of their respective vegetables. Aldi Reviewer described the onion spaetzles as smelling like French onion soup too. So, if you love onions or mushrooms, those are for you. Each package costs $1.99, so it's cheap enough to pick up several.

Deutsche Küche strudels

Of course, no selection of German food would be complete without a couple of different kinds of strudel. The first kind that everyone scrambles for when it lands at Aldi is the apple strudel. There are two other flavors including fruits of the forest (which look like mixed berries) and caramel apple if you prefer either of those. But, you really can't go wrong with the classic apple strudel. Each 19.2-ounce box is $2.49 and can be found in the freezer section (via Aldi). According to The Aldi Nerd, each box includes two strudels which are six servings each. The pie-like crust also tends to crisp in the oven fast, so don't take your eyes off of it for long.

Those who prefer savory flavors to sweet will also love Aldi's strudel selection. There are a spinach and ricotta strudel as well as artichoke and cheese strudel. Both sound delicious and cost just $3.99 per 10.6-ounce box (via Aldi). They are hot, flaky, and almost too delicious it seems if you ask The Aldi Nerd. Definitely plan to pick up at least one of each to try.

German-style pickles

Another popular item that customers love to pick up is the German-style pickles. Usually, the grocery store also offers German cornichon with herbs that are a huge hit among fans too. These are essentially fancy pickles that are seasoned really well. However, it's unclear if those are coming to the stores this year or not.

Instead, look for the German-style pickles which are $2.69 for a 23.6-ounce jar (via Aldi). This is a huge item for those who follow The Aldi Nerd. Most people love them because the pickles are pretty substantial in size and have a delicious flavor. They're sweet with the right balance of dill you might look for and they pack a little heat. Apparently you need to buy two jars up front too because "you're going to polish off the first one on the drive home from the store." You've been warned.

Not to mention, these will go great with charcuterie boards or just alongside your pretzel with hot mustard as you celebrate Oktoberfest.

Deutsche Küche dopple keks

Naturally, you might want to pick up a pack or two of German cookies as well. The Deutsche Küche Doppel Keks are the perfect ones to choose too. After gobbling down strudel, these are a treat that's a little less sweet. The cookies themselves are pretty bland according to Aldi Reviewer, but the chocolate filling is where all the flavor is. It's made with 46 percent cocoa, so it's a darker chocolate taste. 

The Doppel Keks taste quite good, but they are huge. Aldi Reviewer posted a photo showing the cookie is about the size of the palm. Each cookie packs about 140 calories and 10 grams of sugar to boot, so it's best to limit yourself when you treat yourself to these. One 17.6-ounce roll of the cookies costs $2.49, so pick up a pack or two to try at least (via Aldi).

Other sweet treats to keep a look out for as German week approaches are Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Dominos ($2.49), assorted varieties of Liqueur Cakes ($2.99), and Dark or Milk Chocolate Wafer Rolls ($1.99 each). 

Classic Oktoberfest eats

Finally, you can't celebrate Oktoberfest without a couple of classic picks. That definitely includes Bavarian soft pretzels and German mustard. It's the perfect snack to go alongside your beer stein. You can find these in the freezer section of your store and each box includes six soft pretzels for just $3.49 (via Aldi). That's a steal when you think about the cost to buy a single soft pretzel somewhere else. Plus, it only takes five minutes to cook these according to Aldi Reviewer

To complement the soft pretzels in true German fashion, you have to try a jar of the European-style mustards. There are three flavors to choose from including Austrian beer mustard, sweet Bavarian mustard, and whole grain mustard. Each 12-ounce jar is $1.69, so you might want to try a couple of flavors (via Aldi). All would be delicious with the snack, though you might want to try them with beer cheese too. No one would blame you.

Also, if you're looking for a snack that is uniquely German, grab a bag of Peanut Puffs for $1.99 (via Aldi). According to Aldi Reviewer, these are imported from German and while they are similar in shape and size to puffy Cheetos, these are distinctly peanut-flavored instead of cheese flavored.

Premium Raisin & Nut Museli

Another Aldi German Week favorite arrives in the form of boxes of muesli. This version of Premium Raisin & Nut Museli runs around $2.99 (via Aldi) and looks to offer a flavorful blend of — you guessed it — raisins and nuts among other traditional grains such as oats and cornflakes. This would be a great way to start your morning, or grab as a mid-day snack over a cup of pick-me-up coffee.