This Popular Popcorn Is Now Available At Sam's Club

Sam's Club shoppers, get ready — because autumn has officially arrived in snack form. According to Business Wire, Popcornopolis has brought its decadent Caramel Corn to Sam's Club, and fans can now snatch it up in an exclusive, family-friendly 22-ounce bag. Popcorn is a satisfying snack any time of year, but fall weather seems to ask for something a little more cozy, comforting, and sweet, and this caramel corn is just the thing.

Phil Fox, the Executive Chef at Popcornopolis and VP of Product Development commented, "Now more than ever, we are thrilled to bring the nostalgic and comforting flavors of our classic Caramel Corn to Sam's Club. Just scoop out a few perfectly popped kernels and we guarantee this handful of happiness will upgrade the everyday and provide the indulgent escape you deserve." Phil, we couldn't agree more — we absolutely deserve an indulgent escape right now. Fortunately, Popcornopolis popcorn has some pretty high standards for quality so, "indulgent" in this case doesn't necessarily mean "bad for you."

Popcornopolis popcorn uses quality ingredients

Sam's Club is really fulfilling all those fall carnival, sweet treat vibes this year with the introduction of Popcornopolis's Caramel Corn. If you're going to succumb to your sweet tooth's cravings, this might be the best way to do it. The Popcornopolis website says all of their popcorn is grown in America and is 100 percent whole grain. If you're going to eat a sugary snack, at least let it start out with something wholesome, right? 

Also, the brand doesn't add preservatives or high fructose corn syrup, and the popcorn is popped in trans fat-free coconut oil. Although Popcornopolis says their Caramel Corn recipe is a secret, their site does reveal they use only pure cane sugar and real butter. Popcornopolis is so into good popcorn, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised they even take the shape of the kernels into consideration.

According to a behind-the-scenes YouTube video, Popcornopolis reserves "mushroom" shaped kernels of popcorn (like the kind you'd find in Popcornopolis's Caramel Corn at Sam's Club) for their candy-coated versions. The delicate "butterfly" shaped popcorn is designated for the brand's buttery offerings. With this kind of attention to detail, Sam's Club's $4.98 price tag for a 22-ounce bag is starting to sound like an even bigger bargain than we originally thought. And, we're willing to bet the flavor is tastier than anything we could pop up in the microwave at home.