This Popeyes Favorite Just Came Back

Fans nationwide of spicy food and the fried chicken chain Popeyes have something to look forward to, as Chewboom reports that the fast food company is bringing back their incredibly popular Ghost Pepper Wings for a limited time. They describe the spicy menu item as being made from bone-in chicken wingettes and drumettes, which the chain marinates in a blend of peppers including the incredibly spicy ghost pepper. The chicken pieces are breaded in the Popeyes signature crispy coating and then deep fried. The outlet states that the Ghost Pepper Wings come in a variety of sizes and combos, like a six-piece or 12-piece deal that comes with dipping sauce, a regular side, biscuit, and a drink.

Chewboom notes that the spicy Ghost Pepper Wings will also be available as part of the Ultimate Wing Bundle, which contains 24 Ghost Pepper Wings, plus four dipping sauces, four regular sides, four biscuits, and four drinks. This combo is being advertised at a cost of $29.99 — though keep in mind that's subject to change depending on each individual location.

The Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings are pretty hot

Thrillist says that the Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings originally debuted in 2014, becoming an instant favorite. Just how hot are these wings? Well, Thrillist states that ghost peppers are rated at 1,041,427 Scoville units, which is considered pretty spicy if you're not familiar with the system — for context, jalapenos are usually rated between 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville units.

New Orleans based had some of their intrepid reporters test out the Popeyes' Ghost Pepper Wings to see how they compared to the chain's standard fried chicken after some readers over on their Where NOLA Eats Facebook group pointed out that they felt the fast food restaurant's fried chicken was not as spicy as it once was (and they would know, in a poll conducted by the outlet fans ranked Popeyes in the top five best fried chicken places in the greater New Orleans area.) stated that at first they didn't think the Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings were all that spicy, but that the heat builds up as you eat. The outlet estimates the ghost pepper marinade raises the spice level from the standard Popeyes fried chicken about 30 percent.

While The Takeout does assert that the heat level in Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings won't be enough to impress a true spice lover, it is a step up from most "spicy" fast food, which they complain is usually more of a "PG-13" heat than truly spicy.