This Cheap Ingredient Will Completely Change Your Pancakes

Who doesn't like pancakes with their delicious, comforting taste and 24/7 reliability on making you feel much better? While you may be a fan of adding syrup or chocolate to your pancakes to make them slightly more flavorful, have you ever wondered how you can outdo yourself in the kitchen and make a truly unforgettable pancake? A few common tricks include playing around with batter, experimenting with a griddle, and wiping down the skillet when you're taking a break between batches, as per The Kitchn.

It's also believed that if you get better ingredients, you can improve the quality of your pancakes. You can, for instance, get your hands on cultured butter or stick to fresh buttermilk from your local store. You can even try sprinkling in some pumpkin pie spice for an unexpected kick, or try a combination of vanilla and cinnamon in your batter for a pleasant surprise.

The answer is sour cream

So, what is the cheapest, most accessible way to improve the quality of pancakes much more quickly and without any hassle? Sour cream is the solution you're looking for. How does this work? It's not as complicated as you'd imagine it to be. Add some sour cream when you're pouring in a bit of buttermilk and don't forget to add butter, too. While buttermilk and sour cream provide acidity and fat to pancakes, sour cream magically works to achieve the same results with less moisture and also brings with it some protein that changes the texture of the pancakes for the better.

You're guaranteed to end up with yummy pancakes that are way nicer, more flavorful, and perfect to team up with maple syrup. You're bound to like them so much; you'll swear by this method over and over again. The best part? Sour cream is extremely affordable and accessible.