This Is Why You Should Store Meat In Freezer Paper Before Freezing

Since the invention of the modern refrigerator, storing food has been a relatively mechanical endeavor (everything gets shoved in place so we can get back to Netflix that much faster). Storing your food — meat in particular — with a little more TLC can help you get the most bang for your buck in the long run. Enter, freezer paper. Freezer paper is a great way to revamp your meat-storing methods, help it last longer, and ward off the dreaded freezer burn. Knowing how to properly store your food in the freezer can also help your food taste fresher much longer. Who doesn't want that?

Why does freezer paper come in so clutch when storing meat? It's simple. All freezer paper comes with a plastic coated side that helps keep the good stuff in and keep the bad stuff out. In other words, freezer paper will assist you in keeping out the moisture and air that wants to wrap itself around your meat like bacon-wrapped dates. According to CNET, your meat should be removed from it's supermarket packaging (as it is not optimal for storing), and wrapped individually in freezer paper. Following this method will not only ensure that your meat is properly packaged, but help keep the freezer burn and frost out (but only for a period of time, so do remember to date your packages).

What makes freezer paper better than other forms of storage?

Freezer paper may possess other similarities to some of its storage brethren, but it is in its differences that freezer paper comes out on top. Freezer paper can be used to wrap food nice and tight, and carries the added bonus that a hole won't tear into it, due to the toughness of the paper (a somewhat distressing occurrence with aluminum paper or plastic bags). According to The Spruce Eats, freezer paper even beats out plastic storage containers because of its ability to keep air away from the surface of the meat. It's also good to note that while freezer paper is great for storing meat, it's not very good for cooking or heat-related activities the way parchment paper and wax paper are, so keep this option reserved for cold storage.