The Giant Box Of Vegan Cookie Dough You Can Now Get At Costco

Costco is known for having some super-sized desserts, and the latest addition to the store's sweet offerings is no different. The best part is, the newest attention-grabbing treat at the beloved big-box retailer is a quintessential comfort treat: chocolate chip cookie dough. Some shoppers will be pleased to learn the cookie dough is vegan, and you can safely eat it raw or bake it off in the oven (via VegNews).

The bulk packs of Sweet Loren's vegan chocolate chunk cookie dough are indeed, well, bulky. Buying a single pack will afford you three pounds worth of vegan cookie dough. Fortunately, these packs of Sweet Loren's cookie dough are pre-portioned into four segmented containers with each one holding 12 ounces of cookie dough.

Meanwhile, this isn't actually the first vegan cookie dough that Costco has carried. Last year it was a three-pound tub that made snacking particularly dangerous (via Live Kindly).

Everything you need to know about the vegan cookie dough

This is the first time Costco has carried the Sweet Loren's brand, and the founder was excited to announce the partnership. "We believe everyone — regardless of dietary restriction or lifestyle choices — deserves delicious, clean indulgence," Sweet Loren's Founder and CEO Loren Brill said (via Eat This, Not That!). "We are thrilled about our Costco debut and are excited that more people can now enjoy Sweet Loren's and stock up to bring joy to their homes this holiday season." It certainly beats mixing up the dough yourself, no matter the time of year.

The only downside to this new product is that it is only available at L.A. and Midwest Costco store locations for the moment, according to VegNews. So, you might want to try ordering it online. Otherwise, you'll have to wait and hope it comes to your local store. In the meantime, head to Publix to try the Chocolate Chunk and Birthday Cake flavors in single packs.