Costco's Boozy Holiday Advent Calendar Has Everyone Talking

You might be one of those people who gags at the thought of the holidays when we haven't even celebrated Halloween yet, but there's a pretty great reason to change your mind. A new wine Advent calendar has hit Costco and is already up for grabs. And if you don't get it now, chances are it won't be there by the time the holidays roll around because you know this is going to be a must-have for tons of customers (via Delish).

If you're not familiar with Advent calendars or the boozy versions at least, you essentially get to try 24 different kinds of the alcohol leading up to Christmas. It's intended that you have one a day until Christmas Eve, but you can obviously try them at your leisure. This Costco version doesn't skimp — you actually get 24 half-bottles of wine, so it's definitely something to get excited about.

What you need to know about the Advent calendar

According to Delish, this year's calendar is hitting shelves earlier than ever, and was even posted to Instagram by user CostcoBuys on September 16th. At Costco and through Hello Subscription, the entire calendar of 24 half bottles will only set you back $100 this year too, which is an awesome deal when you consider how many different wines you get to try for that price. 

The calendar features wines from some of the best-known wine-producing countries in the world like France, Italy, Spain, and Argentina. But, there are also some great emerging wine countries included in the pack such as Moldova. Before you scratch your head out of curiosity, the tiny country near Ukraine is home to quite a few small, high-quality wineries. Some have even been winning awards since 2009 (via BK Wine). So get excited to try some new varietals and pick up or order your Advent calendar as soon as possible.