Here's What People Are Saying About McDonald's New Spicy McNuggets

McDonald's revealed some major news at the end of August. The chain announced that it would roll out the first new flavor of chicken McNuggets in the United States since the menu item debuted in 1983 (via Eater). The new flavor is spicy chicken nuggets, and they launched on Wednesday, September 16th.

To celebrate the new addition to the menu, McDonald's even added a one-day promotion, dubbed "Spicesurance" that took place on the launch date. Anyone who ordered a six-piece spicy nugget on the McDonald's app could get another one for free — either spicy or the original chicken nuggets (via USA Today). 

While there has been plenty of hype and excitement surrounding the new chicken nuggets, there have been some mixed reviews so far. Depending on where you go for your McDonald's McNugget feedback, you might hear that they're absolutely worth the hype, or that they're a big "McLetdown." According to Nerdist, a self-proclaimed McNugget enthusiast said the new spicy nuggets are bland and all heat without any real flavor. But, according to Time Out, another nugget connoisseur found the nuggets to be "flawless."

What the people say about the new spicy nuggets

According to Time Out, "it's the right heat level for a chain like McDonald's: Spice fiends won't be blown away, but tender palettes will be able to hang." So, whether you love heat or not, you should be able to try these without fear.

According to Nerdist, the breading, which is a tempura coating with cayenne and chili peppers, seemed off and separated from the nugget some. The nuggets were also compared to, "the most boring hot sauces you've ever had." To top it off, they thought the new Mighty Hot Sauce that comes with the spicy nuggets is low on the heat.

Twitter has been filled with nugget commentary since the launch, too. One user, PatrickToole, did a side-by-side taste with Wendy's Spicy nuggets and liked the taste of McDonald's version better, but preferred the quality of Wendy's chicken more. Another user, Nathanial_11, loved the nuggets, but called the sauce "trash." Jhoman29 called them "hot garbage," while loghenk said they were "elite." It seems for every emphatic fan there is a hater — so no overall consensus yet.

In the end, if you're expecting the new spicy nuggets to set your mouth ablaze, these probably aren't for you. But, if you go in with an open mind and expect a crowd-pleasingly low kick, then you will hopefully like them. Swing by your local McDonald's and try some for yourself to weigh in on the conversation.