Chrissy Teigen Reveals How Her Third Cookbook Will Be Different

Chrissy Teigen fans can trust that the model will always speak her mind because her social media accounts mirror that. She's now saying her third cookbook, which is a work in progress, will be different from the other two, because it will show "how I eat now: brighter and healthier." And because her cookbooks are, well, reflections of her, there's one other thing that makes Cravings 3 different from the rest. As she tells Marie Claire, "While writing the first, I was pregnant, and for the second I was deep in postpartum depression. I'm having a good time, and my confidence has grown. I fully embrace carbs now — like, putting sweet-potato spread on a baguette. A year ago, I would have said you can't put a starch on bread; now I'm like, who cares? There are no rules." 

Added confidence to Teigen also means a more expanded dessert section. She tweeted "my books always reflect the time they are made in, so the first book had no dessert (too scared), second had a liiiiiittle (didn't have a passion for more than a handful of sweets) and now, oh there is dessert alright."

Chrissy Teigen has already started working on 'Cravings 3'

Some things will stay the same for Cravings 3 — notably, Teigen's collaboration with Adeena Sussman, which has already kicked off. Given that Teigen has been confined to her bed on pregnancy bed rest, and Sussman isn't exactly in the same zip code, the two are collaborating in a COVID-appropriate way. "Officially started the cookbook! first step, a google doc between @AdeenaSussman and I where at every hour of the day and night (she is in Tel Aviv!), ideas are popped into organized chaos. currently discussing the beauty that was the mrs field's white choc macadamia nut cookie!" Teigen tweeted

Teigen is also inviting her fans on social media to share which recipes they will most want to see in Cravings 3, and they have responded. One asked Teigen to create a special section to reflect the moment: "You should do a 'late night pregnancy Cravings' section of your cookbook!"

We can't wait to see what Cravings 3 will ultimately look like.