This Is Domino's Most Underrated Menu Item

How many times have you reached for the Domino's menu and settled for pizza and soda, with perhaps a generous serving of garlic bread on the side, to satiate your cravings? You may perhaps have neglected to pause and consider one of the items that gets the least amount of love on the menu and is yet, surprisingly good. Wondering what that is? It's Choco Lava Crunch Cake, the delicious, gooey offering from the restaurant that can provide some warmth and comfort any day of the week, no matter where you are or what you're going through.

The chocolate cake has inspired home chefs to give the recipe a try and recreate the dessert in their homes (like this one on Recipe Mash or Bharatz Kitchen's version) and yet, it still remains the underdog on the menu and is generally overtaken by the restaurant's other offerings such as According to Spoon University, the cake remains one of the most ignored fast food picks for reasons that are hard to decipher.

Domino's lava cake doesn't get enough love

An employee at Domino's even wrote about the irresistible dessert on Reddit, answering a question that asked fast-food workers to chime in with their take on the most overlooked items on the menu. "Lava Cakes from Domino's. I worked there for a for a little while," the former employee wrote. "Sometimes I'd 'accidentally' break one while boxing it and eat the 'mistake' while a new one was cooked."

The decadent cakes are baked in the oven to produce a dessert that's crunchy when you first bite into it, only to be welcomed by hot chocolate fudge on the inside. Here's an interesting tidbit of information: The Choco Lava Crunch cake was first introduced in 2009 and for a long time, it remained one of the only dessert options on the menu, until 2015 when the Marble Cookie Brownie was launched for customers craving sweet treats (via Chronicle).