Making Eggs In The Air Fryer Is Way Easier Than You Think

The moment you hear anyone mutter the words "air fryer" in a group setting, a cacophony of people automatically shout out, "I love my air fryer." And with good reason – air fryers have changed the game for many and allowed them to "fry" their food in a much healthier way sans all the grease. With that, there have been articles upon articles about the different foods that can be fried within the somewhat bulky little unit. From chicken nuggets to empanadas, there are many foods that work well with the air fryer

In that same vein, there are foods that one probably should steer clear of, like many wet foods or anything with loose breading that can easily fall off. Regardless, that hasn't stopped air fryer aficionados from testing out new things to "fry" like everyone's favorite: the hard-boiled egg. There are two ways to achieve your perfect egg. One is by using an air fryer accessory to help prop up the egg. The second is by letting the egg maintain its free-range status and directly placing it in the chamber.

How to air-fry the perfect hard-boiled egg

According to Doug from COOKINGWITHDOUG, either approach will help you achieve the perfect eggs, but there might be a difference in overall cooking time. If you go the air fryer accessory route, your cooking time will be around 12 to 13 minutes. But if you decide to "free-boil" the eggs in the chamber, it'll take around 16 minutes to cook, according to Bitz & Giggles. After placing your eggs in the chamber, set the fryer temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and like the Ronco rotisserie Infomercial said, "set it and forget it." 

What you achieve is a perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg with a deliciously yellow yolk. Air fryer hard-boiled eggs are reportedly even easier to peel – and who doesn't love the idea of not losing half their egg during the peeling process? This is also a great way to batch cook several hard-boiled eggs for any enthusiasts, competitive eaters, or if you are making deviled eggs.