Starbucks Cold Brew Vs. Kirkland Cold Brew: Which Is Better?

For every coffee connoisseur out there, it's crucial to get their hands on good-quality coffee. Nobody wants to wake up to a nasty concoction of badly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. Whether it comes to drinking coffee straight up or mixing with a little bit of creamer and sugar or a generous serving of milk, lots of varied opinions exist on the topic as coffee enthusiasts voice their different preferences. What is undisputed is that coffee is the holy grail for many of us who rely on this blessing to get through tough workdays, nasty hangovers, uneventful meetings, and more. 

Cold brews are now one trendy option for many folks who prefer a less bitter, more flavorful coffee than the hot stuff. It's not as acidic as hot coffee (via Daily Beast) and tastes rather smooth, which may explain its massive fan following. When it comes to options available in the market, such as Costco's Kirkland Cold Brew and Starbucks Cold Brew, it can be rather confusing to figure out which one's the better option. Well, don't fret – we have an answer!

Starbucks is the undisputed winner

As per commentators and coffee enthusiasts on Reddit, Kirkland's Cold Brew simply doesn't deliver in terms of taste and quality. Many commentators reckon that while Kirkland had a rather decent version earlier, its newest offering is rather disappointing. A Reddit user's comment reads, "It was bad. Tasted metallic. I didn't pour mine out but it took a couple of months to gag my way through them. Really, really bad..." Another comment read, "This is probably the worst cold brew I've ever had actually. Worse than Starbucks, and that's saying something." Ouch.

Lots of users recommend making your own cold brew at home to adjust according to your preferences. If you go down that route, remember to get your hands on good-quality coffee beans and put them in your French press with filtered water. Wait for the coffee to work its magic overnight and go ahead and make your cup of cold brew. A good morning indeed!