This Smart Instant Pot Hack Will Save You From Burning Yourself

Instant Pots are pressure cookers and so much more — they're super versatile devices perfect for a plethora of cooking methods and have captured the hearts and minds of many cooking enthusiasts across the world. 

What really works in the Instant Pot's favor is the fact that, as the name implies, the kitchen essential cuts down on cooking time and manages to deliver fantastic results nevertheless. The settings are endless, as per Digital Trends: slow cooking, pressure cooking, heating, rice cooking, steaming, yogurt making, sautéing, and even more if you get your hands on one of the new fancier models. You get to try multiple recipes with one device instead of being forced to turn to multiple options to achieve the best results. The newest models even let users experiment with air frying and take advantage of WiFi connectivity. Sounds like quite the dream, doesn't it? Except for one little problem, which is some people tend to burn themselves.

A wooden spoon is your hack for safe cooking

While Instant Pots are undoubtedly nifty devices that help you prepare rather delicious meals, it's essential to make sure that you're careful and don't end up burning yourself. There are ways out, though. As per a user on Instant Pot's robust Facebook community, the hack is as simple as using a wooden spoon instead of your fingers whilst releasing steam. The user's post reads, "A safe and slower way to effect Quick Release (learned it from someone else): Rest a wooden spoon under the handle and valve. Allow the weight of the wooden spoon to slowly lift the release valve without turning the valve. Steam is released slowly and safely."

So, the next time you use your Instant Pot, which, let's face it will probably be within the next few hours, just turn to your reliable old wooden spoon and consider the job done without any mishaps!