Hershey's New Club Is A Kit Kat Lover's Dream

From the perfect snap of the bar to the crisp wafers and chocolate coating, Kit Kats are one of the best treats out there. Though the classic candy bar is hard to pass up, there are plenty of other flavors to try. Not to mention, there are tons of flavors of Kit Kats out there that you probably haven't tried — especially if you haven't gotten your hands on any Japanese Kit Kats. So it's certainly understandable that fans of the candy bar would want to try them all.

Fortunately, Hershey's is starting a new exclusive club that any Kit Kat diehard should want in on. Kit Kat announced on Monday, September 21st that it is launching its own Flavor Club (via Today). That means that enthusiasts have a chance to be among the first fans to try brand new flavors. These are not just rare flavors, either. They're flavors of Kit Kats that people have never even heard of before. 

Those who join the club will be sent three "kits" each of which contains the latest flavors and candy-themed swag. The first kit will arrive during the fall of 2020, more specifically in October. The second will come in early 2021 while the last one will be shipped in late spring of 2021. The first kit will include the new Kit Kat Duos Mocha and Chocolate flavor (via Delish).

Here's how to join the Kit Kat Flavor Club

Of course, like all wonderful and free things in life, this club comes with a catch. Though it is completely free to enter, it will be limited to only 200 members. That means the chances of being selected or getting into the Kit Kat Flavor Club will be pretty stiff. To top it off, you only have from September 21 at 9 a.m. to September 29 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time to enter, according to Delish. So, you'll need to act quickly and often.

Though the window for applying is short, you can increase your chances. Fortunately, you are allowed to enter the sweepstakes once per day on the Hershey website, according to Today. Mega-fans will want to keep the page bookmarked or pulled up in a tab to make it easier to enter each day. You won't want to miss this Willy Wonka-like opportunity — even if it's just exclusive candy and not a lifetime supply of chocolate.