19 Red Bull Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

The world of energy drinks is incredibly vast, and at this point, it's fair to say they're here to stay. Energy drinks have been around since 1960 after making their first appearances in Europe and Asia and then making their way to the United States market. They're jam-packed with high amounts of caffeine to keep sleep at bay, and over the years, a number of brands have jumped on the bandwagon to dish up the latest and greatest products. But one brand, Red Bull, continues to soar to impressively high numbers, despite the competition, with the brand reporting that it sold nearly 12.14 billion cans worldwide in 2023.

Red Bull drinks have been around since 1976 (though initially under a different name), later making their way to the United States in 1997. And since then, the brand has continued to grow and offer variations on its original energy drink, debuting a flavor for everyone to love.

But with so many flavors to choose from, of course, some options are better than others. And we're here to help with that. We sat down and tried can after can of Red Bull so you don't have to. And after plenty of caffeine jitters, we ranked them worst to best. Get ready to dive in and get your wiiings.

19. Red Bull Zero

Taking a sip of Red Bull Zero is essentially what taking a sip from a vat of chemicals might taste like. We're not kidding. Kudos to Red Bull for offering another low-calorie version of its famed beverage, but the flavor in this can is just plain weird.

Red Bull launched its zero-calorie energy drink in 2012 as a way to offer variety in the low-calorie energy drink market. It utilizes different sweeteners as Red Bull's sugarfree version, with sucralose and acesulfame potassium in the mix. And this can of Red Bull might just teach you that those artificial sweeteners are your least favorite things to sip. 

Certainly, having a totally zero-calorie Red Bull option is great in the energy drink lineup, but when it comes to this can, just save yourself and drink the calories. Sometimes fewer calories aren't always better, and it certainly doesn't mean better flavor here. It means the overwhelming taste of poison after taking just one sip, and that's not something anybody can enjoy.

18. Red Bull Green Edition: Dragon Fruit

Introduced as a special-edition, summer-only flavor in 2021, Dragon Fruit became a permanent offering from Red Bull in 2022. As the Red Bull Green Edition: Dragon Fruit is neither subtle nor lacks sweetness, it bears little in common with actual dragon fruit, which has a naturally mild and not-too-sweet flavor.

After a tropical, spicy, and refreshing whiff from a freshly opened can, this Red Bull style leads with a tangy and mostly citrusy blend of flavors. One can taste notes of orange, tangerine, pineapple, lemon, and even a bit of bubble gum, thus approximating the taste of dragon fruit somewhat, but not exactly. But immediately after that pleasant if overly sugary combo arrives, in comes a shockingly bitter punch of nastiness. Far removed from what else is going on in the energy drink, and dissimilar to Red Bull's usual aftertaste, this pungent nastiness tastes similar to the way that nail polish remover smells. Even worse, it hangs around for long after you've tried to drink Red Bull Green Edition; it just doesn't go away. For this unexpected assault, Red Bull's dragon fruit edition feels more dragon than fruit.

17. Red Bull Sea Blue Edition: Juneberry

Pop open a can of Red Bull Sea Blue Edition, and one is immediately hit with a whiff of sour banana and a pungent, rubbery, clinical aroma. A sip gives off a flavor of both sour banana and that far-too-common taste of chemicals in energy drinks, like that of children's cough syrup, the kind that's purported to be sweetened to taste better but doesn't. After those aggressively unpleasant tastes fade out, the Red Bull Sea Blue Edition hits again with a burst of very pleasant and tangy-sweet mixed berry flavor before plunging into a bitter aftertaste that hangs around on the tongue for far too many minutes.

Purported to be packed with the essence of the obscure juneberry, the Red Bull Sea Blue Edition is slightly reminiscent of a gin and tonic, heavy on the gin. That spirit gets its unique flavor from juniper berries, so perhaps that's either the result of the power of suggestion or word association — or just a complete accident. Altogether, a juneberry-flavored Red Bull tastes like a $20 cocktail from a fancy bar, without the buzz of the alcohol but with the sting remaining, which isn't covered up by the melange of sticky-sweet syrups.

16. Red Bull Blue Edition: Blueberry

First things first: When it comes to blueberry flavored products, you have to be a huge blueberry fan. Well, actually, you have to be a fan of artificial blueberry flavor. Really, most blueberry products on the market don't taste like actual fresh blueberries, and this flavor isn't an exception.

This was one of the first of Red Bull's Editions flavors that launched in 2012 when the energy drink producer wanted to broaden its demographic. The company wanted its products to appeal to consumers who didn't necessarily enjoy the original Red Bull, so it offered flavored versions that might mask the original flavor of Red Bull. But honestly? The original is so much better than this stuff.

Pretty much everything about this flavor is artificial. It's artificially flavored, and there's even artificial blue coloring added to the product. It tastes like a mixture of blueberry pancake syrup with cough syrup, and truly, that's in the worst way possible. It's a harsh, totally unrefreshing flavor, with a bit too much of a fake-fruit punch. 

15. Red Bull Sugarfree

Really, the only reason to drink sugarfree Red Bull is if you absolutely have to. The flavor was tested in the U.K. first before making its way to global markets in 2003. And while it's awesome that Red Bull offers a flavor that's sugar free and only 10 calories, this offering just isn't something that's appealing or enjoyable to sip on its own.

Red Bull Sugarfree utilizes acesulfame potassium and aspartame as its sugar substitutes. Acesulfame potassium is an artificial sweetener that's about 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. And sure, that's a great way to reduce that calorie count on the nutrition label, but it's basically replacing sugar with something that tastes like a whole lot of chemicals.

Red Bull Sugarfree can definitely do in a pinch if you must drink something low in calories, but really, the calories are worth it to try almost any other option instead. Or, at the very least, you'll have to pair Red Bull Sugarfree with something else to mask the awful flavor.

14. Red Bull Pear Edition Sugarfree

At the time of this writing, this flavor is not currently available.

When it comes to sugar-free energy drinks, it seems like it's necessary to mask the unpleasant chemical flavors that come with artificial sweeteners. Therefore, many Red Bull flavors seem pretty strong and sometimes even overwhelming. But if the flavors covers up those less-than-appetizing tastes from the artificial sweeteners, they may just be worth it.

Luckily, Red Bull has done that for you here. Red Bull released its SugarFree Pear Edition in 2019, right at the same time as the Peach Edition. And truth be told, adding a pear flavor to the lineup (and especially making it sugar-free) just seems random.

Opening the can, you get strong aromas of pear, which is actually quite pleasant. But the aromas don't match the flavor. The flavor is a light pear flavor, which is actually quite good. But with the pairing of sugarfree Red Bull and the artificial sweeteners that come with it, you get that chemical aftertaste that can't be ignored. The artificial pear flavor leads into the super-sweet qualities brought forth by the artificial sugars, and it's just not worth another sip. It's a decent swap for sugarfree Red Bull if you want something quick and easy with a bit of flavor, but it's definitely not a favorite to keep at the top of the flavor list.

13. Red Bull Red Edition: Cranberry

At the time of this writing, this flavor is not currently available.

It's pretty hard to get on board with cranberry-flavored anything. Let's face it, when you think of cranberries, it's hard not to immediately jump to that jellied goo at Thanksgiving or maybe that unsatisfying cranberry juice if you absolutely have to drink it. But otherwise? Cranberry is definitely not a flavor people are choosing over other options very often.

The Red Edition Red Bull with Cranberry flavor was part of the original lineup when Red Bull introduced its Editions flavors in 2012. At the time, the company offered blueberry, lime, and cranberry flavors at 7-Eleven stores. But because people were so excited to see fruity Red Bull flavors, the distribution eventually expanded.

The flavor of the Cranberry Red Bull is sweet and tart, but it isn't overpowering. It has a hint of a cherry taste to it. But overall, it's just hard to get past the idea of sipping on cranberry-flavored anything for fun.

12. Red Bull Peach Edition: Peach-Nectarine

If you've ever thought that a glass of peach flavored juice with caffeine added to it would be the perfect beverage, well, here you are, dreamer. This one's for you. 

Red Bull launched this flavor just before Valentine's Day in 2019, and it has continued to have a home on grocery store and convenience store shelves ever since. This was just the next feather in Red Bull's cap as it continued to round out its fruity offerings in the Editions lineup.

This flavor is definitely light and refreshing, with notes of peach and nectarine on that first sip. If you try really hard to make a comparison, it tastes a bit like the peach gummies found in the candy aisle. Drinking a whole 12-ounce can might be a little much, as it can seem a tiny bit syrupy because of the artificial peach flavoring. But if you really love products with a peach flavor, it won't be too overpowering.

11. Red Bull Winter Edition: Pomegranate

At the time of this writing, this flavor is not currently available.

Stumbling on a can of Red Bull with the word "pomegranate" on the label might be confusing. Pomegranates can definitely get a bad rap, with their punchy red, thick skin. In season during winter, they can be incredibly tart, with a hint of sweetness. Why would you possibly want an entire Red Bull flavor devoted to this fruit?

Surprisingly, Red Bull pulled it off flawlessly with this release in winter 2021. And really, drinking a Pomegranate Red Bull is way more enjoyable than trying to enjoy the actual fruit. This winter sipper has a strong smell of pomegranate juice right off the bat. Each sip is balanced, creating a drink that's not too sweet, not too tart. It's a great balance, complete with a hint of spice, creating a punchy flavor to enjoy in winter. The only problem? Sipping on a winter fruit with winter spices doesn't sound that appealing during any other season, so this can is only around for a limited time during the colder months. But when it's in stores, it's certainly worth a try.

10. Red Bull Summer Edition: Kiwi-Apple

At the time of this writing, this flavor is not currently available.

Who knew sipping on a can of Red Bull could possibly be so refreshing? Sure, Red Bull flavors can typically seem thirst-quenching, but that's not exactly the job they're meant to do. But if you can find a drink that's easy and refreshing to sip, all while upping your energy levels throughout the day, why not dive right in?

The Kiwi-Apple Red Bull flavor was released in 2016, and luckily, it has stuck around for quite a few years because what's inside that bright lime green can is wildly tasty.

The flavor boasts apple and kiwi, and truthfully, it doesn't seem like those two fruits were blended together very well. This flavor primarily just tastes like apple but in the most balanced way possible. Apple-flavored beverages can get too syrupy pretty darn fast, but this Red Bull flavor doesn't have that problem. The heavy apple flavor with just a touch of kiwi offers up a sipper that is well-balanced and isn't too sweet.

9. Red Bull Winter Edition: Pear-Cinnamon

There's nothing expressly wintery about Red Bull Winter Edition. A pear-cinnamon flavor combination seems both in theory and in taste to be more suggestive of autumn, and the product itself backs that up. From its initial fleeting scent of cinnamon to the strong pear flavor and substantial but not overpowering level of sweetness, Red Bull Winter Edition: Pear-Cinnamon tastes uncannily like a pear hard cider, but without the alcohol. Fortunately, the promise of cinnamon is just that — it's not noticeable in the final blend, but that's okay because that doesn't seem like it would be a very good addition in sugary liquid form.

 It's also noticeable and physically different from its Red Bull predecessors in that it's only lightly carbonated. This variety can even claim a complete lack of that energy drink bitter aftertaste, that post-sip nastiness that reminds the consumer that they're drinking something with the medical purpose of providing a caffeine-based boost. Red Bull Winter Edition favors form over function, though. It's less an energy drink and more of a full-bodied, perfectly sweetened pear soda or a non-alcoholic cider substitute.

8. Red Bull Orange Edition: Tangerine

At the time of this writing, this flavor is not currently available.

As Red Bull has continuously expanded its flavor offerings, the Orange Edition, boasting a refreshing tangerine flavor, debuted in 2016.

This flavor tastes just like if Red Bull and orange soda had a baby — the most beautiful baby. This flavor is wildly refreshing without going too overboard on the orange flavor or feeling too syrupy. Citrus flavors tend to work really well with Red Bull, but this flavor does it in a way that's almost too good to be true. And, if you don't want all of the calories from an orange soda, such as Orange Fanta, this just might be your perfect replacement. You can get the same flavor of Orange Fanta but with a caffeine boost. It's almost like your favorite childhood soda grew up and has to go to work with you now.

Of course, orange-flavored products tend to utilize artificial ingredients to make their products taste good. And Red Bull is no exclusion to that category, as it uses natural and artificial ingredients in this flavor. But this flavor is done in a way that doesn't taste artificial at all. 

7. Red Bull Yellow Edition: Tropical

Red Bull added the Tropical Summer flavor to its Editions lineup in 2014, and later renamed it Yellow Edition. But when it first launched the new product, it was a limited edition offering, and the flavor was exclusively sold at 7-Eleven stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. It had a pretty short window at those stores as well, only projected to be available in July and August in 2014.

Fast forward quite a few years after 2014, and this product is still out there. So obviously, it was a hit, and it's not hard to figure out why. Red Bull describes this flavor as experiencing the exotic taste of tropical fruits. And while it's totally artificially flavored, it's so good that you probably won't even care. 

This flavor is like summer and sun rays all wrapped up in that classic slim can. While flavors like papaya, mango, bananas, and pineapple come to mind when thinking of tropical flavors, this sipper is pretty heavy on the pineapple with a hint of orange. It's definitely not a punch of classic tropical flavors as one might expect, but it still evokes feelings of palm trees and definitely will put a smile on your face. 

6. Red Bull Winter Edition: Arctic Berry

At the time of this writing, this flavor is not currently available.

Red Bull strikes again in 2020 with another genius development in the flavor department. Seriously, the recipe developers at Red Bull have been on a roll coming up with new flavors.

Before fall even hit, Red Bull announced its Winter Edition flavor for 2020 in September. Hello, Arctic Berry. And while it seemed a little early to be amping up the release of this new flavor, it wasn't hard to figure out why after just one sip. The arctic berry flavor is crazy good, and it certainly deserves the extra time in the spotlight.

The light, icy blue can just screams winter adventure, whether in the form of skiing, snowboarding, or just simply taking a snowy walk. Really, this flavor is so good it can be consumed at any time of day. Despite what the can makes it look like, it's not a syrupy blue raspberry flavor. Instead, the flavor is light and refreshing, with bold notes of flavorful raspberry, making for a deliciously balanced energy drink.

5. Red Bull Energy Drink

Even with all of the flavors of Red Bull that have debuted in recent years, many of which we absolutely love, the original Red Bull still remains pretty darn high on the top of the flavor list. You just can't mess with perfection, right?

If you're a die-hard Red Bull fan and you have been since the very beginning, then all of the many other flavors coming out to mask its original flavor aren't that important to you. Sure, it's nice to have options from time to time to bring something fruity into the mix to switch things up, but the original Red Bull flavor is an energy drink you can keep coming back to time and time again.

The drink is wildly potent, with almost a sharp hit of flavor when you take a sip. But it's a sharp hit of flavor in the best way. Sure, original Red Bull tastes like chemicals, but in the most delicious way possible. It definitely has a sweetness on the end of that sip that's like candy, and it's a quintessential flavor that you can find nowhere else. Whether you drink it on its own to start the day or you want to pair it with vodka so you can stay up all night, we can't get over the original taste. No shame here in being a purist.

4. Red Bull Summer Edition: Curuba Elderflower

For the summer of 2024, Red Bull introduced yet another seasonally-themed variety, this one built around the complementary flavors of two relatively obscure (to energy drink) sources. Curuba, also known as banana passionfruit, is likely what provides this drink its fruity, floral fragrance and hint of tartness. The elderflower dominates, adding a slight herbal tone and a pronounced sweetness, but it's toned way down when compared to other Red Bull flavors so that it isn't cloying.

The composed drink plays like elderflower syrup-spiked mineral water. If you keep a swig of the stuff in your mouth for too long, a subtle sourness develops, but that shouldn't happen often because this very drinkable beverage is designed to refresh with its crisp, uncomplicated profile. It's got the flavors of a sipping cocktail but with the potent refreshment of a beer or a cold soda, making Curuba Elderflower Red Bull an ideal summer choice.

3. Red Bull Amber Edition: Strawberry-Apricot

Another Red Bull specialty, a potentially limited-time-only offering, the Amber Edition is so named for the burnt-orange can in which it comes packaged but also apparently for the apricot flavoring that only gets second billing. This energy drink is Strawberry-Apricot flavored, but the strawberry leaves almost all of the heavy lifting to its stone fruit companion. While Red Bull Amber Edition smells like strawberry — or more accurately, overly sweet artistically strawberry-flavored soda or candy — it gives way to the unmistakable odor of a dried apricot.

That powerful, concentrated flavor initially explodes on the tongue, followed by a brief fake strawberry chaser, and then another hit of tangy apricot before it all dissipates in a flash. Red Bull Amber Edition boasts the mildest flavor and smoothest mouthfeel of any Red Bull product to date. Gone in the wake of this unlikely but effective combination of strawberries and apricots is the distinctive and often unpleasant energy drink taste. This offering barely announces itself as an energy drink, falling more in line with a specialty, quirky, and absolutely delicious small-batch soda.

2. Red Bull Coconut Edition: Coconut Berry

Let's be honest here: If you're going to be able to enjoy a flavor of Red Bull with coconut at the heart of it, you have to actually like coconut. But with this amazing flavor, you don't have to be too much of a die-hard coconut lover. Whereas many coconut-flavored products can go a little overboard, this Red Bull Edition flavor is all about balance. It might just be the perfect flavor for anyone to enjoy.

The Coconut Berry flavor launched in 2018 and was sold as part of the Summer Edition lineup, then later renamed as The Coconut Edition. And at the time, Red Bull announced it would be around for a limited run. But luckily, that didn't stick, and it ended up being more than just a summer fling.

The flavor is a great mixture of blue raspberry on the front of the sip, leading into delicious notes of coconut. It doesn't taste like overwhelming fake coconut flavor like many products can, giving off the feeling that you're drinking sunscreen. It's the perfect pairing of coconut and berry flavors, offering up a delicious energy drink.

1. Red Bull Red Edition: Watermelon

During the summer of 2020, it seemed like a lot of things happened. And let's face it, some of those happenings weren't so great. But if there's one thing that made 2020 just a little bit sweeter: it was Red Bull's Summer Edition Watermelon flavor.

This pretty little red can is like a beacon of summer light, housing the most incredible flavor. Can you tell it's true love? This flavor is seriously so good that it's hard to put down. It's the most balanced watermelon flavor, without being over-the-top or too sweet. In fact, it doesn't taste like an energy drink at all. It's more like a ridiculously delicious juice, which can make it a little too easy to consume more than one can. 

While this release was meant only for summer 2020, it was too good to let go. As it turns out, this would be the replacement for the original Red Edition: Cranberry. Watermelon Red Bull forever? Yes, please.