Popeyes' Latest Menu Addition Has Pastry Lovers Excited

First opened in 1972 as Chicken on the Run, and selling fried chicken, the restaurant we've grown to know and love today was rebranded to Popeyes, and switched to New-Orleans style chicken with plenty of spices to attract its patrons (via Popeyes' official website). By the mid 1980s, Popeyes had managed to expand and offer its services to diners across 500 locations in the country.

These days, the brand offers a variety of food options. As per Spoon University, some of the most desirable picks on the menu include the Chicken Po-Boy sandwich, the Cinnamon Apple Pie, Ghost Pepper Wings, mashed potatoes, Bonafide Chicken, its signature buttermilk biscuits, the Chicken Waffle Tenders, and the healthy Red Beans and Rice combination. Diners at the restaurant can also choose to wash down their meals with a refreshing beverage and now, a serving of dessert to finish their hearty meal.

The Chocolate Beignet and Raspberry Cheesecake Pie are attracting attention

Popeyes has given its patrons some exciting updates to be excited about. The restaurant unveiled two new dessert options last weekend, much to the delight of fans (via Drew Reports News). The new stars on the menu are the Chocolate Beignet and the Raspberry Cheesecake Pie. While the former is only available as a limited edition at specific Popeyes locations, the latter is the restaurant's latest offering to its line-up of irresistible pies. The prices may differ based on location, but the desserts are relatively affordable. While you can opt for the beignet in packs of three, six, or twelve and pay $1.99, $3.99, or $7.49, you can get the pie at an affordable $0.99.

The Chocolate Beignet, as explained by Chew Boom, is a yummy pastry that has chocolate sauce inside and is coated with sugar on the outside. The handheld pie is a strong contender as well with its fried crust and a filling that includes raspberries, graham crackers, and a bit of cheesecake (via Delish). If you're looking for a sweet treat and want to get your tastebuds in a tizzy with something new, check out your local Popeyes to see whether you are a fan of these latest additions!