The Big Complaint People Have About Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond

TV show personality and host of Food Network's The Pioneer WomanRee Drummond has definitely carved a niche for herself in a highly competitive industry. That said, it's taken her time to get used to being in the spotlight and there are moments when she ends up judging herself harshly. "I'm my own worst critic," she told Delish in an interview. 

When she was asked whether she struggled to ease up in front of the camera considering the fact that she'd been a blogger for years before she made her appearance on screen, she said that she was hesitant at first but agreed when she realized she'd mostly be at home during filming. "When I first talked to Food Network about doing a TV show, I was a food blogger. I was very much behind the camera," Drummond revealed. "I'm definitely not someone who ever thought about being a TV personality or anything like that, so when we first started discussing the possibility of my having a cooking show, I did balk a little bit."

She is smiling all the time

Unfortunately for Drummond, viewers have noticed her TV persona and some of them aren't big fans of her behavior in front of the camera. A Redditor posted a thread titled, "I just noticed the Pioneer Woman is ALWAYS smiling." The description further added that she only refrains from smiling when she's talking and that it is distracting to watch. Many commentators agreed with the original poster. The top-rated comment read, "That constant smile is one of the things I really don't like about her. A sincere smile, however, makes me smile." Another Reddit user mentioned that they enjoy the Pioneer Woman's episodes with her children and finds them more genuine and fun to watch.

Well, the Pioneer Woman has actually addressed this complaint in the past, back in 2015. "People ask me why I smile so much on the show," she tweeted. "Two reasons: One, I'm generally a happy person. Two, it helps my jowls not show so much." So even her smiling is partly rooted in self-criticism.