This TikToker Just Created The Ultimate Halloween Cookie

If you're looking for cooking inspiration as Halloween draws closer, you'll be happy to know there are loads of innovative ideas on the internet to commemorate the holiday. Consider this TikTok video by themightychickpea, for example, which gives viewers a glimpse into the unbeatable sensation of digging into a cookie and ... finding another cookie inside it. And guess what? This isn't even as complicated as it seems. All you need to do is get your hands on Oreo cookies and add them to your recipe to give it that zesty flavor.

As per the TikTok video, the easiest way to pull off the perfect Halloween cookie is to use Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookie dough, orange Oreos, and a smattering of M&M's for bonus flavors. It's not complicated or difficult in the least. Read on to get the full lowdown on how to make the Halloween cookie that's making thousands of TikTok users swoon.

A cookie inside a cookie is the ultimate treat

As explained by Delish, the trick in the TikTok video is to take advantage of three Halloween must-haves: Pillsbury seasonal sugar cookie dough, Halloween Oreo cookies, and M&M candy. Psst can get your hands on orange, green, and purple M&M's to make things more colorful and festive. Also, the sugar cookie dough has two options: ghost or pumpkin designs. You pick.

When you've gathered your ingredients, remember to wrap the cookie dough around an Oreo cookie and finish it with a few M&M's at the top of the cookie. And then, all you need to is pay attention to the easy baking instructions listed on the Pillsbury package and you'll be all set with a cookie that's a delicious combination of colors, flavors. and textures. If we had to guess, we'd say it will be a guaranteed hit among your family and friends during the festive season!