The One Burger You Should Never Order At Burger King

Sometimes, you absolutely need to get your hands on a comforting fast food burger and treat yourself. That's where a fast food legend like Burger King comes in. As per the Burger King website, the iconic restaurant chain attracts more than 11 million guests globally every single day. First started in 1954, Burger King calls itself the second largest burger chain in the world, stating that they serve only food that's good quality, accessible at many price points, and delicious.

What are you supposed to do when you're hit with a serious craving, but are trying to be a bit kinder to your waistline and want to make sure your fast food indulgence doesn't jeopardize your health goals? Here's some advice to help you decide what not to order the next time you're at Burger King and scratching your head in your quest for a relatively healthy meal option. Rest assured, it's possible to do this with a little bit of strategic thinking!

Stay away from the Triple Whopper with Cheese

As illustrated by Eat This, Not That!, the Triple Whopper with Cheese is the worst offender on the Burger King menu. Are you ready to hear this? According to the restaurant's latest nutrition guide, the Triple Whopper with Cheese has a total of 1,216 calories, a scary 82 grams of fat, 1,473 milligrams of sodium, and 50 grams worth of carbs. These three beef patties topped with cheese are enough to jeopardize your health big time. Think about it — you'll be taking in at least half your daily calorie requirements in one meal. 

So what should you order at Burger King? You're much better off going for the most basic burger option, the classic Hamburger (via Spoon University). The Burger King nutrition guide says this hamburger is just around 240 calories, with only 9.7 grams of fat, 26 grams of carbohydrates, and almost 385 mg of sodium. It's a win-win, really. You get to satisfy your fast food burger cravings without deviating wildly from your diet plan and regretting your choice later.