You Should Think Twice About Buying Cereal At Costco. Here's Why

Costco is one of the most popular grocery chains to shop at in the United States for a good reason. Customers looking for massive discounts on their grocery runs benefit from making a pitstop at the members only store and taking advantage of the major discounts and deals offered, as per CNBC. There are some particularly rewarding deals at the chain on everyday items such as baked goods, several varieties of cheese, frozen fruit, snack items, and wine.

However, the chain is not a good destination for all products. As explained by Mental Floss, you need to be a skilled shopper to navigate certain sections of Costco and choose the right kind of items at the store. This can be tricky enough to leave even seasoned members confused, but here is a bit of help: If you want to save some cash, make sure you avoid buying boxes of cereal at Costco.

You'll be offered better discounts on cereal at other stores compared to Costco

So, what's up with the cereal at Costco and why is it not that sweet of a deal? Well, according to MSN, you're restricted to buying in bulk at Costco, meaning you're getting a huge amount of one particular type of cereal at once — a rather unappealing option that could force you to chow down on the same cereal for breakfast every single day for months or have it go to waste. On the other hand, discounts and sales at other supermarkets will let you choose from smaller amounts of a larger variety of cereal for the same (or less) cost per ounce.

A report by CNBC dug into the worst deals at Costco and agreed with MSN that cereal can definitely be purchased in regular portions at other grocery stores with the same huge savings as you would see from buying it in bulk at Costco. Lots of options are worth considering, as the report highlights shops such as local grocery chains, drugstores, and big box stores as all frequently having sales on cereal. Thus, not only will you save money by skipping the cereal on your next Costco trip, you'll also be able to purchase more reasonable quantities of a variety of cereals instead of being saddled with one type.