You've Been Preparing Onions Wrong This Whole Time

Onions can be a truly versatile addition to any dish. Whether you're using raw onion slices to spice up you salad or adding the allium to a thick, delicious gravy, most people agree that onions can be a total game-changer, exciting your taste buds while sampling a dish. However, there is definitely some confusion as to what's the best way to prep onions before cooking them. 

For example, did you know that it is possible to avoid shedding tears while cutting onions? Apparently, all you need to do is to is stick them in the freezer for a little while before chopping or slice them directly under running water to make the process a lot less traumatic (via Buzzfeed). You can also choose to wear these goofy onion glasses that Epicurious suggests if that's your thing! Suffice to say, they're not exactly trendy, but they do appear to get the job done.

Wash onions after slicing them for a milder flavor

There's way more to cooking with onions that most of us could ever guess. Even the way we prep them can have a massive effect on a dish's flavor. Legendary British chef Jamie Oliver shared a rather neat onion hack on Instagram while reflecting on his time spent in Italy with Nonna Rosanna. Oliver wrote, "Inspired by my time cooking with Nonna Rosanna, this prawn & tuna linguine is an absolute joy. I'm using her trick of washing sliced onions to make them milder, and that moisture also helps to add extra sweetness as they cook!"

The culinary maestro was definitely onto something. His followers were rather impressed with this recommendation and replied with messages of appreciation on the Instagram post. "My Sicilian Mother-in-Law taught me the onion trick. Your pasta looks delizioso!" one follower wrote. And this trick really works! As explained by Bon Appétit, when onions are cut, they release sulfurous compounds. Washing onions post slicing helps retain a milder, aromatic flavor. Giving onions a quick rinse before being cooked helps calm them down and gives the best possible flavor, sans the pungent taste.