This Is The Most Famous Food In California

California's cuisine is particularly known for being sustainable and full of ingredients that are fresh (via Michelin Guide). The state is considered to be blessed in terms of agricultural diversity, giving its inhabitants a chance to explore ingredients such as zucchini blossoms. Plus, seafood is available in abundance too if you're looking for options like Dungeness cab and halibut. Additionally, farmer's markets give the locals a chance to interact with farmers and get to know the local scene a lot better. 

Thus, the buzzwords are fresh, organic, and sustainable. According to Alta, what is unique about the food scene in California is the fact that a lot of it comes from immigrants who bring with them a diverse set of experiences and influences. Food is considered to be a major part of the local culture and is diverse with a mix of influences from a host of cuisines such as Chinese, Mexican, and Spanish. Whether you decide to flock to Tommaso's for legendary pizza or turn to the Original Joe's outlet for a scrumptious hamburger steak, it's highly likely California offers something to appeal to your tastebuds. But you'd never guess what the most famous food in the state is.

Please pass us a fortune cookie

Did you know that traditional fortune cookies aren't Chinese at all? According to, these little tasty treats are believed to have been grown in popularity in California. Well, as the story goes, Los Angeles as well as San Francisco have historically insisted that they came up with the legendary cookies, which are the most popular food in the state.

It is believed that fortune cookies can be traced as far back as World War II. Before that, it is plausible that these cookies were already making an appearance in Chinese eateries and were called "fortune tea cakes." Japan also claims that it was serving a type of fortune cookie in the 1800s. 

Whichever story you choose to believe, the sheer popularity of fortune cookies is undeniable in the state. In fact, guess what? According to Eat This, Not That!, fortune cookies aren't even a thing in restaurants in China. Welp. Good thing they remain a raging hit in California's restaurants.