Read This Before Putting Dry Spices In An Air Fryer

Air fryers can be a godsend if you're someone who likes experimenting in the kitchen with new dishes. As explained by Taste of Home, air fryers are basically like convection ovens but manage to be fancier and make the cooking process a lot faster. While the results are definitely crispy, you need to use very little oil – unlike deep-frying. Plus, you can be as versatile as you like and immediately heat up and prepare a batch of items like french fries and delicious chicken wings. You can even give baking a shot if you feel like it with your air fryer.

On the flip side, air fryers can be a bit inconvenient in the sense that you can't cook too much at once and need to prepare small quantities. But really, it's usually worth it. Additionally, there are certain items you need to be careful with while using an air fryer. Dry spices, for example. This is why.

Your food may not get the flavor it needs

What is important to note that air fryers simply don't work well with things like dry spices, according to Just Cook by ButcherBox. Dry spices can end up getting messed up really fast because of all that hot air circulating inside the air fryer. If you don't coat your food with a little bit of oil, your spices are likely to be blown off of it, which defeats the purpose of seasoning them in the first place. This sentiment is echoed by a Buzzfeed piece that vouches for cooking with oil to avoid losing your precious seasoning while preparing your dish inside the air fryer.

If you're not too keen on using extra oil, you could perhaps get down to seasoning your dish after it is cooked instead of wasting those dry spices in your air fryer. Whatever you choose, remember this golden rule and avoid adding dry spices without oil when popping something inside your device.