Trader Joe's New Pumpkin Products Have Everyone Talking

As the days turn cool and crisp, pumpkin season is fully upon us. Though we are already halfway through October, Trader Joe's is still rolling out some of its pumpkin products for the year. We're hoping they bring back the classics you've come to know and love — like Trader Joe's pumpkin body butter or the pumpkin toaster pastries. However, there are tons of new products that Instagrammers have already spotted at their local Trader Joe's stores and people can't wait to try them (via Delish).

Since pumpkin spice is often thought of as a sweet flavor thanks to lattes and pies, it's easy to make the jump to other sweet products. Trader Joe's has come up with a pumpkin spice protein smoothie that has 11 grams of protein, so it's already likely a step ahead of your specialty coffee health wise. There are also pumpkin spice batons, a pumpkin brioche twist (which we think would make incredible French toast), and even mini pumpkin ginger ice cream cones, according to Delish. Naturally there's a pumpkin cheesecake and regular pumpkin ice cream in the freezer too. There are tons of your standard pumpkin mixes for things like bread, muffins, oatmeal, and waffles or pancakes. While there are seemingly endless options for pumpkin-flavored meals, drinks, and treats this year, Trader Joe's has really stepped up its savory seasonal options.

These are the savory Trader Joe's pumpkin products you have to try

Among the best savory pumpkin products at Trader Joe's this year are pumpkin empanadas, which have a sweet, creamy filling. Popsugar says all you have to do is heat them up! Then there are pumpkin samosas, a spicy pumpkin curry sauce, and a pumpkin and butternut squash bisque, all of which give you plenty of creative options for a festive meal. Even staples like Greek yogurt and seeded bread come in pumpkin flavors at Trader Joe's this year. There are gluten-free pumpkin bagels and a matching cream cheese spread for a seasonally-inspired breakfast, or pumpkin rolls (made with similar ingredients to Trader Joe's classic cinnamon ones) for a sweet start to your day. You can even brew a pot of pumpkin spice coffee too (via Delish and Popsugar).

From pumpkin butter and pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds to granola and cereal, it seems you can get almost anything in pumpkin at Trader Joe's this year — so you might want to plan on spending some extra time there during your next trip to carefully look through everything on the shelves. You can always turn to the many Instagram posts about Trader Joe's seasonal products for inspiration, too. You just might find something new you didn't even know to look for, like this turkey and pumpkin mole burrito spotted by Instagrammer @snacksoflife.