Starbucks' Secret Menu Candy Corn Frapp Changes Everything

If you're ready to move past the pumpkin-flavored drinks and on to something spookier — or sweeter — now's the time to do it at Starbucks. Thanks to the team over at Totally the Bomb, there are more than enough Halloween-inspired Frappuccinos to choose from, whether you prefer a trick or a treat. While there are plenty of cult-favorite movie-inspired Frappuccinos to choose from, the team has moved on to one of the most classic Halloween candies that ever was for the newest drink. 

This time around it's all about candy corn, a polarizing treat that most people either love — or hate (via Delish). Regardless, candy corn is paramount when it comes to this holiday in particular, and maybe even Thanksgiving as well if you're a die-hard candy corn fan. It's super sweet and somehow has both a chewy and crumbly texture if it's fresh (via Eater). Just like candy corn with its tri-colored layers, this Frappuccino only has three components, which makes it very easy to order.

Order your candy corn Frappuccino with these directions

To start off your candy corn Frappuccino order, you'll need to ask for a grande pumpkin cream Frappuccino. Next, ask for an extra pump of pumpkin. Finally, ask for a caramel drizzle at the bottom of the cup and no pumpkin powder on top of your whipped cream. And with that, you'll have the official Totally the Bomb candy corn Frappuccino.

While the drink itself is missing that yellow layer you're probably very familiar with, it does have the orange and white layers. If you really want to get the full candy corn effect for an Instagram snap, you might just want to wear a long-sleeved yellow shirt or sweater. It'll get that color in at the bottom of the drink as you hold it. But if you're just going for a delicious candy-inspired drink, then this certainly checks all of the boxes. So, visit your local Starbucks to try it when you can.