Moe's Has Good News For Burrito Lovers

For the next month, participating locations of Moe's Southwest Grill will have two special items on the menu: the Loaded Steak and Potato Burrito and the Loaded Steak and Burrito Bowl. "Just in time for the fall," Moe's declares on their website, "we welcome the most comfortable comfort food ever." 

In addition to the central steak and potatoes, sour cream, bacon, cheese, and white gold queso smear themselves upon the dishes for $8.49. The difference between the two, as Chew Boom helpfully illustrates, is that one is served wrapped in a tortilla while the other is laid tortilla-less in a bowl. As for how long the special meals run, there seems to be some confusion. Chew Boom states that the items will disappear on November 11, but Delish insists the date is actually the 16th.

The Loaded Steak and Potato Burrito has also been introduced one month after another burrito-based promotion in which Moe's decided to celebrate their 20-year anniversary by doubling the size of their Homewrecker burrito. This, according to a report by Fansided, ran from the 8th of September to October 16. So, while Taco Bell has worked to reduce the number of fan-favorite options on their menu, Moe's has been plugging along in the opposite direction, introducing short bursts of creativity to drum up excitement. As Delish suggests, you can lament the passing of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, which is set to vanish on November 6, with a trip to Moe's instead. 

Locating this particular Moe's Southwest Grill special

Before your saliva forms a slip 'n slide all the way towards the nearest Moe's Southwest Grill, there is the matter of "at participating locations" included in Chew Boom's report. Of course, most locations would participate. After all, there are, as every piece seems intent on reminding us, Taco Bell fans everywhere requiring a comforting stodge of steak and potato.

Still, the opt-in nature of these promotions illustrates the weird relationship between franchisor and franchisee. As franchise law expert Robert Zarco explained to Time in 2012, franchise agreements give franchisees the right to ignore such promotions and to sue if forced. Later on in the piece, its author, Martha White, lands upon the hassle it would take to insert such a clause. Yet, this still risks aggravating some customers who fell for the advertising trap, especially because the only way to for sure know the opt-in or opt-out status of your local outlet is by asking them directly.

However, there is a general rule of thumb the piece gives at its end for beleaguered consumers. Franchisees who operate in airports, resorts, and other transitory places, as well as those located in places that cause their prices to be more expensive than average, are more likely to decide against the promotion. With that in mind, however, it is a safe bet that the luscious soothing of the Loaded Steak and Potato Burrito + Bowl, as pictured above, is available in a store near you.