The Reason You Should Start Cooking French Fries In Olive Oil

French fries are one of the easiest snack options out there, right? Perhaps you prefer to drip a french fry into ketchup or add spices. But as we know, fries aren't great for overall health, and eating too many in one sitting is a bad idea. According to Very Well Fit, a half-cup serving of french fries, about 100 grams, has 196 calories, 13.1 grams of fat, 141 mg of sodium, 18.5 grams of carbs, and 1.93 grams of protein. Also, it's likely that you may eat a lot more than half a cup of fries at once. It's hard to resist, after all, when there is a tantalizing bowl of fries in front of you.

There are ways to lessen the negative impacts. For one, it's much better for you to make your french fries at home so that you control the ingredients and make sure you're making your snack as healthy as possible. Another thing worth trying is cooking them in olive oil. Read on to know more.

It's a healthier choice

According to researchers, it's much healthier for you to use olive oil while frying potatoes than resorting to the traditional vegetable oil (via The Telegraph). A 2016 Spanish university study found that you can even boost the antioxidants in vegetables by frying them with extra virgin olive oil. Who would've thought? This makes potatoes a great candidate for olive oil when you prep your french fries for frying. That way, you'll be making a healthier choice without completely giving up on your love for french fries. According to Healthline, what makes extra virgin oil much better than its counterparts is the fact that it is the least processed option and is rich in antioxidants, making a better choice when deep-frying a snack.

Another good part? The process isn't complex or too different from what you usually do either. According to Mediterranean Living, the key is to ensure that there is enough oil in the pan to cover the fries while you're cooking them and you'll be good to go!