This Is The Best Way To Make Fish In An Air Fryer

Can you visualize sitting down to a nice meal of fish and chips at dinnertime, perhaps adding your favorite dip to the mix to take things up a notch? Unfortunately, this can mean eating an excessively fried meal, something that you may not necessarily want to partake in, especially if you're trying to be more health-conscious. Don't worry: there's an easy solution that'll let you enjoy your fish without any added guilt or extra stress.

Your answer is the trustworthy air fryer. It'll let you cook without forcing you to add a crazy amount of oil in the process. According to Woman's Health, air frying breaded fish is a healthier option than the traditional method and lets you enjoy a scrumptious meal while slashing a lot of extra fat and calories. Here's how you can prepare perfect meals when cooking fish in your air fryer. It's not complicated at all, thankfully, and is something you should try.

No extra oil needed

Before you start cooking, you want to make sure you add salt and pepper to your fish. According to an article by Delish, you should also use panko bread crumbs, an egg, and flour to form a fish batter and incorporate a seasoning option like Old Bay for that extra kick. You also want to make sure you coat your fish in flour first followed by the egg and then panko. Plus, it's a good idea to give your fish a chance to cook properly by cooking it in batches instead of all at once in the air fryer. 

Crank up the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, cook for approximately 12 minutes, and flip the fish at the halfway point for the best results. You can also simply wait to watch your fish turn golden before taking it out of the air fryer and serving it. It's pretty straightforward: prepare your seasoning, coat fish in flour, eggs, and seasoning before popping it in the air fryer. The best part? No unnecessary oil. Good for your tastebuds and health. A win-win, right?