These Are Matty Matheson's 3 Most Important Cooking Tips

Masterchef and TV personality Matty Matheson is a legend in the cooking world for his unusual demeanor, passion for cooking, and wild personality. The Canadian chef has managed to make his mark in the industry for his appearances on Vice's show Munchies and his legendary videos that offer tips on things such as how to whip up the perfect burger

He has a rich culinary history, previously serving as executive chef at Toronto's Parts & Labour and helping out with marketing ideas at both The Dog & Bear Pub and Maker Pizza (via Toronto Life). He's also not afraid to try different things such as filming shows centered around food, like Keep It Canada and Dead Set on Life.

Matheson is a huge fan of encouraging others to cook and vouches for the idea that no one is a perfect chef. "I think cooking really builds self-esteem. It's such a nice way to do something for somebody else or for yourself. Humans are horrible to each other, but somehow food can instantly make you feel better," he told HypeBeast in an interview. "It stresses people out when they're cooking at home. Sometimes you can't find a spoon, sometimes you can't find a bowl. That's the stuff that's beautiful ... That's everybody at home, because nothing's perfect."

Matty Matheson's cooking tips

So what does a seasoned chef like Matheson suggest home chefs should keep in mind while cooking up a storm in their kitchen? His recommendations are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. The first thing to remember? Get your tools in place and invest in a good kitchen knife, a cutting board, a good-quality pan, and a spoon, Matheson told The Title Mag. "If you have those four things, you can kind of get by in the kitchen."

He also recommends investing in high-quality basics when it comes to your pantry and buying good butter, olive flour, flour, maple syrup, and salt instead of getting your hands on the cheap stuff. Another tip? Never buy more spices than you actually need and replace them when you need to. He says that old spices aren't flavorful and you're better off avoiding stale versions. Matheson's may be simple, but they are great for any budding home chef who wants to cover all the basics.