The Reason Why It's Best To Skip The Pasta At A Fancy Restaurant

Eating at a fine dining restaurant is a treat for your palate and senses. Not to mention, dressing up for date night at your favorite fancy eatery and ordering a nice bottle of wine is the ultimate reward after getting through another hectic week. But before you pore over the menu and try to figure out what's the most appetizing option, it's worth considering what's definitely not worth ordering. As Business Insider explains, it's a good idea to go to a fancy place and spend some time on the full experience instead of simply eating one dish and leaving, depriving yourself of a really good experience.

Plus, the thing with eating at fine dining establishments is that it definitely pays to put a little thought into what you order instead of going for what seems like a relatively safe option like say, the pasta. Wondering why? Read on to know more about why ordering pasta at a fancy restaurant is simply not worth your money — you'll be surprised that you didn't think of this sooner.  

Financially, pasta isn't worth ordering

So, why should you skip ordering pasta at a fine dining restaurant? The answer is pretty straightforward. According to MarketWatch, if you're at a fancy seafood establishment and choose to go for the pasta in a bid to save some cash, you won't be doing yourself any favors. A restaurant is paying a lot less to source ingredients for the pasta dish, meaning you won't be getting your money's worth. 

Even if a seafood entree at the same establishment costs the same as the pasta, you'll be better off paying for the authentic flavors. In fact, as MarketWatch illustrates, the profit that a restaurant like this makes for a relatively simple pasta dish is quite high: up to 20%. Think about it, for the same establishment, serving fish for $15 is not as lucrative as serving a bowl of cooked pasta for the same price.

Unless you're at a specialty Italian joint, choose dishes that the particular restaurant you're dining at is known for and save the linguine for an evening when you feel like cooking your own pasta.