The One Question You Should Never Ask Adam Richman

New York-based chef Adam Richman is highly passionate about one thing in his life: food. According to his official website, he discovered his love for food early on in life and tried out a wide variety of dishes. After finishing his education in an unrelated field, he decided to get work experience in the hospitality industry in a bid to get comfortable with the culinary world. Interestingly, he never received formal training but learned everything he could through his work gigs.

In 2008, he got a major career break as the host of the show Man v. Food, which propelled him into the spotlight and led to him hosting other shows such as Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America and Food Fighters. Suffice to say, Adam Richman is an established authority in the world of food and is more than willing to experiment with new challenges. However, there's one particular pet peeve to avoid when asking him about his culinary experiences.

No questions related to the bathroom, please

It's understandable to wonder how Richman's stomach responded when you're binging on a show like Man v.Food and watching the chef devour all kinds of meals that aren't tame or small in the least. However, don't ask Richman about it. In an interview with BroBible, the chef revealed that despises discussing his bathroom habits and it's just not something he wants to talk about. Well, that's reasonable.

Richman added that he is asked about his bathroom habits by rather unexpected people – even "the sweetest old [ladies]" – and he never likes it. He said, "I always want to be like, 'Why do you care?'" The chef revealed that when a former classmate from high school once contacted him with a question related to ... erm, diarrhea, Richman couldn't help but respond with a gross, graphic answer that involved gallons, oatmeal, and an offer to share photos. The tongue-in-cheek reaction was understandable because like the chef said, he didn't doesn't want to entertain these questions related to the toilet. Noted.