The Reason You Should Never Add Ice To A Smoothie

The global smoothie market was just over $12 billion in 2019, and positioned to reach $17 billion by 2025, more than hinting at the obsession with these tasty drinks (via Market Data Forecast). Smoothies are popular for their convenience (versatile, portable, and family-friendly), and because many consumers associate them with healthy eating (via Healthline). North America has the highest demand for smoothies, with popular companies such as Smoothie King, Jamba Juice, and Tropical Smoothie Cafe answering the call to blend more (via Market Data Forecast).

Although marketed as a healthy alternative, many commercially created smoothies are filled with hidden calories and sugar (often more than 50 grams of sugar) due to additions such as orange juice, ice cream, and syrup (via EcoWatch). This fact has led some consumers to create smoothies at home, using items found in the fridge and your own produce basket. But the next time you're tossing blueberries, kale, apples, and yogurt into the blender, you may want to leave out the ice. Here's why.

The effect ice has on a smoothie

Newbie at-home smoothie makers often have a difficult time getting the consistency just right with their smoothie. That perfectly creamy smoothie from the shop down the street that you're trying to replicate sometimes ends up loose, watery, warm, chunky, tasting like kale — you get the picture. According to Chowhound, a common smoothie mistake is adding ice to a smoothie in order to make it colder. Once the ice melts, your smoothie tastes watered-down.

Instead, Chowhound suggests using frozen fruit (try antioxidant-packed blueberries or raspberries), or frozen veggies (a great way to use up that frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and kale). If you prefer the idea of ice, make your own smoothie concentrates, which can be used alone or added to other smoothies. One recipe from Green Smoothie Gourmet combines carrots, a zucchini, coconut water, and orange juice. Blend everything together, pour into ice cube trays, freeze, and you're set for make-ahead smoothies or an easy smoothie addition.