Don't Believe This Myth About Chinese Rice

A bowl of hot rice mixed with curry or spicy sauces and sautéed vegetables can be such a lovely meal, right? Especially if you're craving something different on a weeknight and want to feast on something exciting with a mix of delicious flavors. If you've tried Chinese style fried rice with vegetables and heaps of soy sauce, you know what we're talking about. 

According to The Works of Life, Chinese rice mostly has medium or long grains. Cooking Chinese rice should ensure that you get a bowl of fluffy, white rice that isn't stuck and is light which will serve as the perfect base for a meal of fried rice. Interestingly, the long-grain variety isn't too long if you compare it to basmati rice and this is what you will usually find if you dine at your local Chinese eatery. Wait, there's more. When it comes to Chinese rice, there have been odd rumors in the past that you should be aware of. Here are the details.

It doesn't contain plastic

As illustrated by Snopes, there is a myth about Chinese rice that began on social media in 2011. According to this rumor, China was passing off plastic as rice. Wait, what? Media stories in Singapore have claimed that Chinese companies are producing fake rice that is in fact plastic on a large scale. Some of those spreading the rumors allege that the rice is prepared by mixing ingredients like sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and plastic. 

These are baseless claims with no legitimate source to back them up. According to the BBC, the myth of plastic rice has circulated online often, including rumors that linked rice being sold in the Ghanaian market to plastic. As explained by the piece, experts concluded that there was no plastic in the rice samples submitted by those who suspected the grains were fake. So you can disregard that concern while enjoying your bowl of rice.