The Real Difference Between Watermelon Radishes And Regular Radishes

You might be used to seeing just plain red globe radishes with white centers at the grocery store, but if you check out your local farmers market, you'll likely find more kinds of radishes than you probably even knew existed. Watermelon radishes are just one variation, and they can be a little tougher to find than your typical supermarket radish. If you can track them down though, they're definitely worth the effort, as they're nothing like the plain radishes you're used to.

Regular red radishes (also called round radishes) are usually red on the outside, but according to The Spruce Eats, they can also be white, pink, or purple. The excitement stops there though, because when you cut them open, they're just plain white inside. Watermelon radishes, on the other hand, have kind of a boring exterior — they're usually just green — but flashy colors inside. When you cut a watermelon radish in half, you'll find a beautiful, bright reddish-pink inside. Watermelon radishes look much prettier than plain radishes, especially when they're sliced, so they're a good choice for adding to a salad or using as a garnish.

What do watermelon radishes taste like?

As fun as it would be to encounter a sweet, fruity radish, watermelon radishes don't taste anything like their namesake. According to The Kitchn, their name comes entirely from their colors and resemblance to a watermelon when you cut inside and see their green skin up against their bright pink center. However, the flavor of watermelon radishes is a little more mild than regular radishes, which can be peppery to the point of being kind of spicy (via Chef Works). Watermelon radishes are usually milder than you would expect, and have a slightly sweet and peppery flavor. They're also typically bigger than normal radishes, and can be anywhere from the size of a golf ball up to a softball.

According to The Spruce Eats, watermelon radishes will start to lose their beautiful colors if you cook them, so it's best to leave them raw. That's where their milder flavor comes in handy — since they're not as peppery as regular radishes, even if you're not normally a radish fan you might still enjoy the watermelon variety. This gorgeous veggie can really take salads and side dishes to the next level, so be sure to keep an eye out for it in your grocery store's produce section and at farmers markets.