Trader Joe's Two-Ingredient Ice Cream Hack Changes Everything

There's a hack for absolutely everything these days. No matter what complicated recipe or food you're craving and needed satisfied five minutes ago, you can probably find a fast and easy version to make at home with ease. While the short-cut to whatever delicious concoction you have in mind might not be exactly mind-blowing, it should be enough to hold you over until you can get the real thing. 

That's how some people felt after trying the now famous two-ingredient ice cream hack that's been floating around TikTok and Instagram for a while now. The trick is clearly basic since it only calls for two-ingredients, but there are plenty of people who love the healthy alternative to ice cream. Though it is a far cry from "nice cream," according to The Kitchn, it is a hack you can try without worrying about losing too much if you hate it. You can always just toss the combination into the blender and add more ingredients to make a smoothie if it doesn't live up to your expectations.

How to make two-ingredient ice cream

The two-ingredient ice cream hack, as demonstrated by Instagram account @traderjoeslist, calls for nothing more than frozen blueberries and any kind of milk of your choosing. The Kitchn opted for oat milk, while She Knows tried it with almond milk; but any kind of milk or dairy substitute beverage will do. All you have to do to make the "ice cream" is pour the frozen blueberries into a cup then pour milk over the blueberries until they are covered.

Give the blueberries and milk a quick stir then let it sit for a couple of minutes before stirring again. What you should be left with is a slushie-like textured "ice cream," though this will be a lot less creamy or solid than normal ice cream. According to The Kitchn, the blueberries don't sweeten the milk, so perhaps keep your expectations lower than real ice cream and think of this more as a cold, fruity dessert that's refreshing and light. Either way, it's certainly worth trying.