What It's Like To Be An Audience Member Of Beat Bobby Flay

Renowned celebrity chef Bobby Flay is known for his cooking talent and his appearances on TV shows including Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay. As explained by Cheatsheet, the show basically gets two chefs to compete against each other in the first round. Two of Flay's friends are the judges and they choose who gets a chance to test their cooking skills against those of Bobby Flay himself. 

Of course, the judges do not know whose food they're taste-testing when the dishes are brought to them. This isn't obvious when you are watching the show, though, which has made viewers speculate. A fan of the show explained their theory on Reddit, writing, "I've seen a lot of people post here that the judging is not really a blind tasting. I admit, I thought that for a long time as well, until I started binge watching. My theory is that Bobby and the other chef are not really in the room as the judging is happening. The judges always aim their critique [and] compliments at the hosts."

Another commenter, who claimed to be a producer on the show, wrote that the judges have already tried the dishes blindly and judged them before they're asked to taste on camera in front of Flay and the contestants. In case you're wondering what's it like to actually be in the audience and watch as Beat Bobby Flay is being filmed, a Reddit user has an answer to that as well.

It's a mixed bag of sorts

A fan wrote on Reddit that they noticed viewers wondering whether the show was fake or genuine and decided to step in with their experiences from being on the show's set. They started off by saying that nothing is fake on Beat Bobby Flay. They claimed to have gotten free tickets to be a part of the filming and said they also received $68 for showing up. 

The Redditor wrote that the staff were extremely helpful and even got them and their boyfriend different seats after they explained that their view was obstructed. "The show itself is definitely completely real in the fact that all the times and dishes you see cooked are exactly how it appears on TV. The only weird part is that during regular conversational segments, there would be long pauses and stuff just to help the editing process," the comment read. So when it comes to the battle, everything you see is legitimate from that person's perspective.

The fan also praised Bobbly Flay and said that the chef is a little arrogant, "a bit funny," and very fit. While they wouldn't go again because of the number of hours they had to spend on their feet, they do recommend readers to attend if they're fans of the chef.