The Pioneer Woman's Favorite Recipe Might Surprise You

Ree Drummond, popularly known as the Pioneer Woman is known for her culinary skills. The blogger, according to Cheatsheet, has done well for herself. With a popular TV show on Food Network, a much-liked blog, and a glimpse into country living, the Pioneer Woman has plenty to offer when it comes to impressing her fans. For a lot of cooking enthusiasts, Drummond's recipes are a massive hit. 

For Drummond, cooking has always been a family affair. Her mom and mother-in-law are both talented ladies who made Drummond feel connected to the art of creating a meal from scratch. While her mom cooked delicious dishes at home for Drummond and her sister, her mother-in-law was used to preparing meals for crowds. Earlier this year, Drummond posted a handy list of favorite recipes she prepares for her family. Guess what: there's a lot in there that you may be able to relate to. Read on for the full lowdown!

Old-school comfort food is the answer

The Pioneer Woman's blog cites several family favorites. "The true go-to recipes I make are chicken spaghetti, Ladd's favorite steak sandwiches, chicken parmesan, and beef, chicken, or veggie quesadillas," Drummond said. "We keep it really family-friendly around here!" When it comes to cooking the first dish on the list, Drummond simply bakes cooked chicken and spaghetti, coupled with other ingredients, in a pan for what sounds like a yummy dish.

Her husband is a huge fan of steak sandwiches and Drummond likes to add cooked meat, sauce, and onions to French rolls. She also loves to make chicken quesadillas with a slight twist: She adds cilantro, lime, and jalapeños to the chicken. It's impossible to promise that her favorites would be your favorites, too, but her other dishes seem to have a good track record. Users on Reddit vouch for some of their favorite recipes from the Pioneer Woman including chicken and noodles, spicy beans, and her risottos. A commenter wrote, "I haven't tried anything from her that I didn't like. My favorites are the Perfect Potato Soup, lasagna, Sour Cream Noodle Bake, Restaurant-Style Salsa, and spaghetti." Tempted to try cooking something yet?